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What Is Ledihep Tablet?

Ledihep Tablet is a powerful mixture of two chemical components belonging to the antiviral categories i.e., Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir. However, this particular antiviral combo is used only to address the deadly Hepatitis C virus(HCV). On the other hand, there are claims that these pills can also use for treating HIV. Whether it’s true or not let’s find out along with some details about the Hepatitis C virus. 

Is Hepatitis C Virus The Most Common In The World?

According to data and statistics published by the WHO 58 million individuals worldwide have suffered from the Hepatitis C virus. Meanwhile, the number is even larger in the case of HBV i.e., 296 million. This insinuates that Virus Hepatitis C is not common rather Hepatitis B is.  

What Causes Hiv And Aids?

Before we dive into the matter of whether Ledihep is useful for HIV treatment or not, let’s first comprehend what causes HIV and compare it with HCV causes to get a clear picture. 

  • So when a healthy person comes in contact with an infected person’s blood, vaginal discharge, semen, or even breast milk the virus gets transmitted. 
  • However, HCV is transmitted through contaminated tattoo needles, piercings, medical instruments, and engaging in sex that leads to blood contact with an infected person. Moreover, Using personal things like razors, blades, or toothbrushes that may have blood stains on them, and being born to a woman who is HCV positive. 

Do Condoms Protect Against Hiv?

When worn appropriately and regularly, condoms are considered to be among the best approaches to avoiding HIV and other STIs. However, there is a limitation to this approach as well. What limitation? It can only save one from HIV when having sex if you come in contact with the HIV virus through other sources such as sharing needles or receiving a blood transfusion, condoms are just inutile. 

Uses Of Ledihep Tablet

The one and only use of Ledihep pills is to address the liver issues caused particularly by the Hepatitis C virus that too mostly when the case is chronic. And speaking of the earlier claim, the drug is not suitable for beating the HIV virus. 

Zydus Cadila is the major manufacturer of these powerful pills that are distributed all around the world for addressing HCV. FDA’s approval is what makes this pill most trusted and reliable for HCV patients. If you are curious about the Ledihep Tablet price, visit Medicscales today and get answers to all your doubts.

How Ledihep Tablet Works?

As we discussed earlier, this remedial pill is a combo of two powerful drugs, which work voluntarily together to battle off the virus. However, the function of each drug is slightly different(in short they have split their work). For instance;

Ledipasvir interferes with the function of a protein that the Hepatitis C virus relies on to replicate and thus inhibits its expansion. While sofosbuvir straightly attacks the main culprit i.e., the HCV virus, and blocks its ability to make copies of itself. 

By working together, these two elements block the virus and achieve a persistent elimination of the virus, resulting in an HCV cure.

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Advantages Of Ledihep Tablets

When HCV attacks the liver, it gradually destroys the inner cells and then the outer cells causing inflammatory responses. Ledihelp pills help here by tailoring the scars left by viruses otherwise it can potentially lead to severe cirrhosis or liver cancer. 

Moreover, the pill helps in calming down the inflammation caused by HCV which can reduce the risk of further liver damage and improve overall liver function.

Interaction Of Ledihep Tablet

There are some interactions/warnings one must get educated about while using the Ledihep tablet. If your physician is prescribing you these drugs make sure to ask them about the potential drug interactions. These are a few from the list;

  • Digoxin
  • Amiodarone
  • Linagliptin
  • Carbamazepine
  • Rifampicin
  • Fosphenytoin

Along with these interactions, there are some precautions that need to be followed carefully. 

  • Strictly avoid if you are pregnant or nursing a child
  • If you have renal or other liver issues be cautious. 
  • Completely abstain from alcohol usage. 
  • Do not engage in risky activities such as driving. 


What's the benefit for Ledihep tablet?

Ledihep Tablet is used to treat chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. It is taken with food, usually daily at the same time. It is recommended to use this medication every day for a period of 12 - or 24 weeks. The risk of not taking doses is increased for treatment failure.
Ledipasvir belongs to a class of antiviral drugs known as HCV NS5A inhibitors. It stops the virus responsible for hepatitis C from spreading throughout the body.
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