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Introduction To Menarif 550 mg Tablet

Imagine when your body organs stop working the thing they are intended to do. One such condition is hepatic encephalopathy. It’s a disorder when the liver stops functioning or does not operate optimally to eliminate toxins from the blood, leading to a buildup of toxins in the brain. This can be a very serious problem, however, Menarif 550 mg tablet can help manage the condition. 

Moreover, hepatic encephalopathy is not the only ailment that Menarif 550 mg manages, there are other conditions as well. If you want to learn more about Menarif 550 mg tablet usage and working mechanism, read on further. 

What Is Menarif 550 mg Tablet?

Menarif 550mg is an oral prescription containing a chemical salt composition of Rifaximin. Rifaximin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic

Used to fight off bacterial infection in the body. These pills are marketed all over the globe by Menarini India Pvt Ltd.  

These oral pills are safe for people of all ages however, the majority of its users are adults. In the case, of minors under the age of 18, extra care and caution are exercised by doctors to to determine the appropriate dosage and duration of treatment.

When Is Prescribed?

The pills are used widely for two conditions;

  • Treatment of Hepatic encephalopathy
  • Treatment of Infectious diarrhea

Uses Of Menarif 550 mg Tablet

As we mentioned above, the two most irritating conditions treat with these handy pills;

  • Infectious Diarrhea: When tiny invaders like germs or worms enter your gut through what you eat or drink, or from touching someone or something sick, they can make you suffer from infectious diarrhea. This means you will have frequent and watery stools, sometimes with blood, and feel sick to your stomach, feverish, and dehydrated.
  • Hepatic Encephalopathy: When your liver can’t clean your blood, ammonia builds up and messes with your mind. You may feel lost, moody, different, clumsy, or sleepy. This is called hepatic encephalopathy, and it can be caused by many things, like germs, wounds, drugs, or poop.

How Menarif 550 mg Tablet Works?

This broad-spectrum antibiotic acts by destroying the microorganisms(unwanted bacteria, viruses, or germs) in the digestive system that cause ammonia to secrete. Ammonia is a poisonous chemical that can damage brain tissue and result in hepatic encephalopathy, a disorder that impairs a person’s ability to think clearly. Menarif 550 mg Tablet aids in the treatment and prevention of hepatic encephalopathy by lowering blood ammonia levels. 

Additionally, by preventing specific bacteria from growing and spreading throughout the gastrointestinal tract, it aids in the treatment of infectious diarrhea. The benefits of Menarif 550 mg tablet include cutting the risk of brain damage caused by excessive ammonia. Speaking from the context of infectious diarrhea, it alleviates irritating bowel movements, abdominal pain, and other symptoms associated with conditions. 

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Directions For Use

There is no separate set of rules for administering the Menarif pills; they should take just as other oral pills take. In short;

  • Swallowed down and not crushed, chewed, or dissolved in any liquid.
  • The dosage and time length determined by your doctor should obey.
  • Take it with food or no food, it doesn’t matter. 
  • It is preferable to administer it at a set time.

Side Effects Of Menarif 550 mg Tablet

If you wish detailed information about those nasty consequences aka side effects of the Menarif, it’s a bit difficult to provide a comprehensive list as it may vary from person to person. However, we have managed to find out a few frequent ones;

  • Headache and feeling lightheaded
  • Issues with breathing
  • Vomiting or feeling queasy
  • Pain in the stomach or bloating/swelling
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Low mood
  • Itching or skin rash
  • Tense muscles and sore joints
  • Ankle, foot, or finger swelling



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