Mike Tyson Spotted At Miami Airport In A Wheelchair  

Mike Tyson in Wheelchair

The boxing legend Mike Tyson was recently photographed in a wheelchair at Miami Airport, Raising new concerns about his health.

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A few days back, the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, was spotted in a wheelchair. The photos of Mike Tyson in a wheelchair at Miami International Airport went viral, and that raised a lot of questions among his fans. Besides, after he was spotted in a wheelchair, Mike Tyson also raised concerns about his health. Some reports also informed that Mike Tyson’s health was not good, and Tyson also predicted that his death was near. Let’s talk about all these things in detail.

Mike Tyson With Walking Stick And Wheelchair

The photos of Mike Tyson in a wheelchair clearly show that he is not in good condition. As per the sources, there was nothing serious, and he could be suffering from a Sciatica Flare-up.   If you look at the past news, you will find that around two years ago, a similar case made Tyson bedridden. A few days ago, Tyson was seen walking in the streets with a cane. But this time, Mike’s Tyson health has worsened, leading him to use a wheelchair.

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The boxer was recently heard speaking about his health while talking to his therapist and friend, Sean McFarland. During Hotboxin with Mike Tyson’s podcast, he said that everyone would die one day. When he looks in the mirror and sees tiny spots on his face, he says his death is coming near. But he wants to die consciously, not screaming.

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Money Can’t Provide You With The Security

During his conversation, Tyson said that money doesn’t have any value as money can’t offer security. People always think that when they have more money, they can live happily. People never had sufficient money before, and when they have money, they can’t expect someone to love them. How can one confess his/her love to others when that person has USD 500 billion? This is just a false sense of having some sort of security.  

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People don’t believe that a bank can crash anytime, and they think they are invisible when they have money. But this is not true. That’s why for him, money is all about a false sense of security.

What Happened To Mike Tyson?

After seeing the heavyweight boxer in a wheelchair, you might be thinking that what is the condition that the boxer suffers, and what led him to a wheelchair? As per some reports and the statements given by Mike Tyson daughter, Tyson suffered from a health condition called Sciatica Flare-up in the lower back.

That happened years ago and forced him to rest for a few weeks as he could not sit properly. Well, the condition also affected Mike Tyson boxing career and forced him to hand up his boxing gloves. If you are wondering about the Mike Tyson wheelchair photo that has recently gone viral, then this is the reason.

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Jake Paul Vs. Myke Tyson- Is It Really Possible?

Well, it can be exciting. Everything is possible, and it should happen this year, Tyson stated in June. However, people still have to wait for the latest evolution reports on Tyson’s health to know the current health condition and to know if the show with YouTuber Jake Paul will be possible or not. So, keep your eyes on the latest mike health news for all the latest updates.

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Tyson had a controversial career; however, he also had a successful career. At just the age of 20, in 1987, he won the heavyweight championship, which made him the youngest heavyweight champion. Speaking about Mike Tyson boxing record, he had 50 wins, including 44 knockouts. Besides, Mike Tyson record also includes 2 no contests and six losses. In the year 1989, he went for 2 TKOs and managed to retain his world heavyweight title. On 25th Feb, he defeated Frank Bruno, and on 21st July, he defeated Carl Williams.

After being convicted of a rape case, they served three years of imprisonment in the 1990s. But Tyson has managed to maintain his innocence in the case.

His boxing career took a massive turn in 1997. He was disqualified and lost his chance to take part in the WBA title matches after he bit off part of the ear of Evander Holyfield in the third round.

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