Morning Erection And Erectile Dysfunction

Morning Erection And Erectile Dysfunction

The state of morning wood (morning erection) – or nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) – is common among many people. Sometimes, you may wake up with an erect penis. Men of all ages may experience NPT, although it is more common in younger men.

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  • What Is Morning Erection?
  • What Physically Causes NPT?
  • Other Possible Causes Of NPT
  • Can You Control Morning Wood?
  • What Is ED?
  • Treatment For ED
  • Some Facts About Morning Erection
  • When To Consult Your Doctor Regarding NPT?
  • Several people assume that morning erections indicate sexual stimulation. The situation is not always the same. A natural event may trigger morning wood in your body.

    Before diving in deep let us first get a clear idea about these two terms. 

    What Is Morning Erection?

    Morning erection or some people even call it morning wood, but what exactly does that mean? Well, morning wood or morning erection is a natural phenomenon that occurs in men.

    What Physically Causes NPT?

    NPT or Morning wood occurs when the penis spontaneously erects when you are asleep or just waking up. Mostly it happens during REM(rapid eye movement) sleep.

    Morning woods go by many names such as morning glory or sleep-related erection. But scientifically it is known as Nocturnal Penile Tumescence.

    This is a very common occurrence in men of all ages. Shockingly it also occurs in male infants and toddlers but the cause is the physical stimulation of the penis. But in adults and teenagers, it may be the cause of sexual arousal, however, this is not always the cause. 

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    Other Possible Causes Of NPT

    There are other causes too like

    • Hormone shifts
    • Physical stimulation
    • Brain relaxation
    • Dreaming something of sexual nature

    Can You Control Morning Wood?

     No, it can’t be controlled because it’s a biological functioning of the body but if your erection lasts for more than 4 hours or you are experiencing any kind of pain while peeing in the morning then you should your doctor.   

    porn and ED

    What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

    ED is a condition in which men face difficulties in getting an erection or maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse, however, if it happens once or twice then it may not be the case of erectile dysfunction. but if it happens frequently then it might be the case. Erectile Dysfunction happens when there is insufficient flow of blood to the genitals, especially the penis. There are many causes of ED like

    • Depression
    • Stress
    • Performance anxiety
    • Other mental issues

    Some physiological factors are

    • Heart problems
    • Diabetes
    • Low or high blood pressure
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Low testosterone level

    In short, the causes are divided into two parts Physiological and psychological.

    You might be wondering if morning wood and erectile dysfunction correlated. Yes, it is partially related because you can still get morning wood unless you have organic ED. Unlike its name morning wood doesn’t necessarily happen first thing in the morning to men, erection may happen more than once during the night and the last erection may last till you wake up. 

    Many people believe morning wood is the body’s way of preventing you from urinating while you are asleep. But this is not true.

    According to physicians, a morning erection is a good sign and shows that your blood circulation and nerves are functioning properly.

    Researchers believe that an average erection may happen five to six times during eight hours of REM sleep. Although it doesn’t necessarily happen every night.

    Treatment For ED

    If you want to treat your ED through natural remedies then change your lifestyle and diet, and practice some yoga and meditation, however, you can also go for prescribed drugs if you want quick results.

    Here are some recommendations

    • To treat ED, you can use Cenforce 120, Vidalista 20 mg, Super p force, and Malegra 200.
    • The body breaks down ED drugs at different rates. Cialis is your best choice if you have sex more than once a day. The duration of action of Tadalafil (Cialis) varies from four hours to more than a day. 
    • Equipment such as a pump, a ring, and a prosthetic can also be helpful for some individuals.
    • Yoga and regular exercise can also help you regulate your blood flow.

    Some Facts About Morning Erection

    • There is another term that is associated with morning wood is wet dreams (the scientific name is Nocturnal emission). People often get confused and think erection is the cause of wet dreams. But this is not the only cause it happens when you have a sexual dream and orgasm during sleep. And just like NPT, wet dreams are also completely normal and common especially when boys hit puberty age.
    • Another surprising fact is, even babies get erections in their mother’s womb.
    • If a person is going through an adrenaline rush, he can still get an erection, which is also called an adrenalin boner. But it is completely non-sexual. You might get it when you are skydiving, zip lining, or riding on a roller coaster in short during an adventurous activity.

    This is also completely normal every man has experienced this adrenaline boner in their life. When your testosterone level is at its highest it is enough to cause the morning erection and it is scientifically proven that this male hormone is higher in the morning

    When To Consult Your Doctor Regarding NPT?

    If your morning glory is lacking or you are experiencing NPT less than thrice a week doesn’t mean anything but for the safer side, it is better to get checked with your doctor Because it might be the cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Many times it is seen that erectile dysfunction is a symptom of prostate cancer.


    Does a morning wood mean you are ready for sex?

    No, it doesn’t always mean every time you get a  morning erection you want to have sex. But sometimes it is possible though.

    What is NPT?

    NPT is nothing but the full form of Nocturnal Penile Tumescence also known as morning wood morning erectile.

    Are morning wood and Erectile Dysfunction a health problem?

    Morning wood is not a health problem it’s a very common phenomenon in men while ED is a serious health problem.

    How to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

    There are lots of ED medicines available to treat the condition but it is always recommended to consult the doctor before taking these medicines.

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