National Couple’s Day – August 18, 2023

National Couple's Day – August 18, 2023

If you missed out on Valentine’s Day celebration or didn’t have a partner to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, perk up because National Couple’s Day is just around the corner. Although the day isn’t as popular as the former who cares when we get to celebrate every possible aspect of being in a loving relationship? So don’t let go of this wonderful opportunity to cherish your partner as well as your relationship. 

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When Is National Couple’s Day 2023?

18th of August of Every year since 2012 the world has been celebrating this beautiful day. The entire day is devoted to reflecting, valuing, and celebrating that love connection with your better half. It offers a chance to consider the ups and downs of being in a committed relationship and to show thanks for the unique connection one has with their partner. So do not forget to mark your calendar and plan something worthy and memorable on this National Couple’s Day 2023!!

You might also ask when we have Valentine’s Day celebration then Why do we celebrate National Couple’s Day? So let’s look into this matter. 

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National Couples Day History

We have been marking the 18th of August as a couple’s day every year since 2012, have you ever wondered what could be the reason behind establishing such a day? Here it is;

There is an association that strives to reduce violent behavior in romantic relationships i.e, during the dating phase. The purpose of creating a day like this is to encourage good, satisfying relationships and to increase awareness of dating violence. Every year, the group urges people to speak out against dating violence and to celebrate love in all of its manifestations.

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Some, however, assert that this particular date was chosen because it coincides with the nuptial anniversary of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett, two well-known poets who genuinely demonstrated that love has no bounds. And because love is an immortal being, even beyond death, your stories will live on throughout history.

Is It Important To Celebrate National Couple’s Day?

Is It Important To Celebrate National Couple’s Day?

No there is no compulsion to celebrate National Couple’s Day but if you really want to enhance your connection with your partner there is no harm in taking the opportunity to celebrate your love and appreciate each other. Consider this special day as a small reminder to prioritize your relationship and create special moments together. So here we have prepared a list of things for National Couple’s Day celebrations; 

  • Have a dinner night in the cozy restaurant or cook together and have a candlelight dinner at home.
  • Write a poem or thoughtful letter for each other.
  • Spend some time in the lap of mother nature. 
  • Visit a place where you first met or had your first real date. 
  • Watch your favorite movies together while huddled up in bed. 
  • Do all the things that bring you joy and make you feel connected. 

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Love has no defined way to be expressed, everyone has different love languages. No matter who you love or how you choose to express it, the most important thing is that it brings happiness and fulfillment to your life. Embrace and celebrate love in all its beautiful variations, and let it guide you toward a life filled with joy and connection.  

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