Nevimune 200 mg (Nevirapine) - 200mg

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About Nevimune 200 mg

Nevimune 200 mg Tablet decreases the chance of developing complications related to HIV and increases your longevity. It is a pill that can be taken with on an empty stomach, or in conjunction with food and is often prescribed with other HIV medications.

Regularly taking all of these medications at the appropriate times improves their effectiveness and decreases the risk that HIV developing resistance to these medicines. It is essential to continue regular use of these medications until your doctor informs you that it’s appropriate to cease.

Common adverse effects of this medication can include nausea, headaches stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and rashes. They are not usually severe, however, tell the doctor in case they irritate you or don’t disappear. Seek medical attention immediately in the event of an allergic reaction to your skin or damage to your liver.

Before you start taking it, inform your physician if you suffer from any liver, skin or kidney issues. While taking it, you might require frequent blood tests that monitor the blood cell count and the liver’s function. Avoid drinking alcohol because it can increase the risk of a liver injury. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor prior to taking this medication.

Benefits of Nevimune 200 mg:

Nevimune 200 mg Tablet stops HIV from spreading throughout the body. It aids in controlling the disease and helps the immune system function better. This decreases the risk of developing complications, like new infections and enhances the quality of your life.

Nevimune 200 mg Tablet cannot be considered an effective treatment to HIV and AIDS and shouldn’t be used to treat HIV after exposure to the drug accidentally. It is crucial that the medication be used in the manner prescribed by a doctor.

Making sure that all doses are taken in the correct quantity at the appropriate time significantly increases the effectiveness of this medication and decreases the chance of HIV disease developing resistance to antiretroviral drugs. While taking this medication does not stop the spread of HIV to people around you.

Side Effects:

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fatigue
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Hepatitis (viral infection of liver)
  • Rash
  • Diarrhea

How to use:

You should take this medicine at the dosage and duration prescribed by your physician. Inhale it all in one go. Don’t chew or crush it. Nevimune 200 mg Tablets can be taken without or with food, however, it is recommended to take it at a specific time.


Nevimune 200 mg Tablet stops the proliferation of the HIV virus in human cells, thus hindering HIV virus from causing new infections. HIV virus from generating new viruses.

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