Observing International Tea Day Has Many Health Benefits

Observing International Tea Day Has Many Health Benefits

Drinking tea has many health benefits; be it green, black, or any other specific tea. According to research, tea has natural substances that may aid decrease the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, and many other medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction that needs drug like Cenforce 200 for proper treatment. Tea may also aid you with weight loss. Some medicinal teas are used as a cure in many Asian countries. On International Tea Day 2023, let us make you aware of the many positive values of tea, the most consumed drink worldwide after water.

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When Is International Tea Day This Year?

Celebrate International Tea Day every year on 21st May. It is observed for raising awareness of tea’s economic significance worldwide. The day also highlights the main areas of focus at the worldwide level. It can aid to nurture tea production and consumption and make this global drink more famousTea Day on May 21 also focuses on the health benefits of many teas such as green teas, white teas, floral teas, matcha teas, and herbal and fruit teas to name a few. Information about International Tea Day will also educate everyone about hunger and poverty that prevails all around the world.

Health Advantages Of Drinking Tea

Heart Health:

Expand your tea knowledge and see how tea has been found to reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease. Such a positive impact on heart health is due to the presence of a compound named polyphenols. It is found in green tea and black tea. It may also aid in improving good cholesterol. This is too cardiac protective.


Tea mainly herbal tea contains a lot of antioxidants. They can aid to make the immune system stronger. Tulsi tea or holy basil tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. These are necessary to maintain immune function. When people talk about tea today, they mention Ayurvedic practitioners who have been using tulsi tea for ages to keep the immune system stronger after any illness.

Weight Loss:

A few studies show that the catechins, a type of polyphenol and caffeine present in tea may aid in weight loss. It is a good idea to cut off high-calorie beverages such as soda with tea. It will lower the overall intake of calories and help to maintain weight.


Green tea, oolong tea, and black tea contain polyphenols that have anti-oxidative properties. These compounds may too play a major role to prevent type 2 diabetes according to research.

Erectile Dysfunction:

To assist with managing ED, teas that contain this amino acid are considered capable to produce nitric oxide, a compound that aids with relaxing muscles in the male organ. It allows increased flow of blood. As a substitute for a drug namely Aurogra 100, tea can help manage ED in many ways.

Ashwagandha For Erectile Dysfunction

Different Teas Around The World

Green Tea:

It has become popular among regular tea consumers. It is because green tea has greater health benefits. Is rich in antioxidants. Can offer benefits to your lungs, heart, skin, stomach, and breast. It can help with digestion, circulation and also improve cardiovascular health. Also provides benefits of weight loss. It is also high in theanine. Is it a compound that has huge calming and sleep-improving qualities. This substance may also aid in improving ED symptoms just like Tadarise 20, a popular drug used in its treatment. 

Chamomile Tea:

It earned prominence with time. Chamomile herb is its primary ingredient. It has healing properties. Drink this tea to enjoy its de-stressing properties. It can hugely help to fight sleep problems such as insomnia.

Ginger Tea:

With ginger as its main ingredient, this tea offers some health benefits. The inflammatory properties of ginger aid in soothing the body by lowering inflammation. It can help soothe pain symptoms of digestive issues like colds and flu and constipation. It also soothes nausea. 

Lemon Tea:

One of the most common varieties, and loved by many tea lovers, it contains lemon as its key ingredient. Lemon a source of Vitamin C makes this tea an immunity booster. It can also boost your mood and help to maintain your heart health.

Pu-erh Tea:

It is a fermented tea. If you are in search of a tea variety that offers benefits of weight loss, then this is perfect for you. Other health benefits are mood uplifting, promotion of the circulation system, and a healthy cognitive function.

Treatments like Fildena 120 have the approval stamp to improve erectile function. But if you want to try something new in the tea world for example to improve your sexual experience, it is vital to first discuss with your doctor and then make a choice. 

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Bottom Line

On this World Tea Day, governing bodies and communities organize events and seminars. Tea is one of the most well-known delicious beverages. A study comparing the effects of orally administered Malegra 100 and green tea for managing ED found theanine to be an effective treatment option for mild to moderate forms of ED. It can provide significant health benefits if you moderately consume it. Yet you must talk to your doctor if you are not sure of how much tea you must drink on an everyday basis. So wish your tea lover friend a happy international tea day and be ready to try different flavours and celebrate them.

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