Payment Security

We realize the significance of money and security at and we understand our customer’s loyalty hence we do not take payment security lightly. We have adopted SSL encryption technology since it is a safe and secure way to make online payments. Because all information is encrypted multidimensionally, it is impossible to steal card data or tamper with the gateway. Our payment gateway has been validated by VISA, and we rigorously adhere to the Payment Card Industry requirements.

Anti-spam policy

We strongly support the cool Anti-Spam club and we do not promote or send any type of junk/spam emails to our clients on our mailing list unless they have accepted to receive promotional offers mail during account signup.

You will only get a mail from our website alerting you about the arrival of new items or services once a month, and only if you have registered for it. If you get any promotional emails and still believe they are improper, please inform us immediately and we will investigate the situation, We offer 24/7 support for this matter through our customer service team. You will not receive any promotional emails in the future from thereon.

Our website is protected under DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) to ensure the safety of the website’s content from online theft or the illegal reproduction or redistribution of our work. Apart from this, the website is well-secured by Copyspace and McAfee. We at believe in delivering quality service to our loyal customers.  

Payment security

The following are the basic methods for avoiding spam calls, texts, and emails:

  • Keep an Ease of Mind
  • Continue to say ‘No’ to Abusive Emails
  • Turn on the spam filters
  • Never forget to unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions
  • Don’t Disregard the Cookies
  • Continue to Update
  • Don’t share a 3D secure password with anyone


1. How do I pay for purchases on medicscales?

Medicscales offer you multiple modes of payment, whether it could be through net banking mode (only payment through Pay-pal is acceptable), debit card, or credit card. Whatever method you are using, rest assured because the site’s payment gateway is authorized and validated by VISA. 

At medicscales, we accept payment through visa cards, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards & Debit cards. 

2. When I make a purchase on medicscales, are there any hidden costs?

When you shop on the website there are no hidden costs that you have to pay. During check-out time the charges displayed on the invoice are the final charges inclusive of all other miscellaneous charges.

However, you have to pay a $25 delivery charge on purchases of above $249. You will get all information in the product description i.e, the price of the product, discounts, shipping charges, Product guide and etc. 

3. How do I pay using a Credit/Debit card?

Since medicscales is accepting payments from Visa cards, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express you will need your card number, expiration date, and three-digit CVV number to pay with your credit/Debit card at checkout. You will be taken to the bank’s page after completing this data.

4. Is it safe to use Credit/Debit cards on Medicscales?

You can rest assured about the safety of payment as medic scales use highly secured systems available on the internet to ensure the safety of consumer data.

5. What steps do medicscales take to prevent card fraud? 

No information entered during the payment procedure is saved in our database. The medic scales backend staff is expressly barred from accessing or collecting any personal information about our clients without a good cause. You can definitely rely on our payment gateway, and we guarantee that we will not share your credit card or identification information. However, if there is a legal concern, we may be forced to do so.

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