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Penegra 50 mg is a doctor-prescribed medicine used for treating erectile dysfunction in males. Men who suffer from ED can not get an erection or cannot hold it for a sufficient duration to have intercourse. For, this condition occurs because of insufficient blood supply to the penis. A person can be in this condition due to some physical or psychological complications. Penegra 50 mg has sildenafil citrate in it, which comes from the pde5 inhibitor family. Further, it regulates blood supply to the penile nerves in a healthy manner, leading to better erection.

Zydus Cadila is the manufacturer of Penegra 50 mg. Additionally, India’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies include formulations, vaccine APIs, biosimilars, animal health products, wellness products, and much more. The company delivers genuine medicines and holds a strong presence in the US, Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and 25 other emerging markets.

Working Of Penegra 50 mg

Penegra 50 mg has Sildenafil Citrate as a major active ingredient in it. This ingredient works in particular areas like the penis.

In erectile dysfunction, blood cannot flow in the penis even if the person is highly encouraged for sex. Further, in this condition, nerves and the blood vessels of the penis region are contracted, blocking the way of blood.

When the person takes Penegra 50 mg, the active salt sildenafil citrate relaxes blood vessels and nerves due to inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme. Thus, the cGMP level doesn’t break down. Consequently, blood passes through them, which leads to improved penile erection. Hence, the person becomes capable enough to have sex.

Benefits Of Using Penegra 50 mg

  • The drug treats erectile dysfunction in adult men.
  • It also treats ejaculatory disorders.
  • The drug improves overall sexual health by improving blood circulation and boosting stamina.
  • It helps both partners to reach satisfaction.
  • As medicine helps in enjoying sexual life at most, it relieves mental stress.

Side Effects Of Penegra

  • Nausea
  • Vague sightedness
  • Flushing
  • Skin irritation
  • Hearing impairment
  • Painful urination
  • Nasal congestion
  • Nose bleeding

These side effects occur in a few people after having Penegra medicine and go away gradually as the body adjusts to it.

If you are still worried about these symptoms, visit a local clinic immediately.

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How Does Dark Chocolate Help Stop Erectile Dysfunction?

Other Strengths

How To Use Penegra?

Penegra 50 mg works best in your body when you use it correctly by keeping these things in mind.

  • Don’t break, crush or chew the tablet before having it as it minimizes the effect.
  • Swallow the medicine with a full glass of water.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or keep it minimum otherwise, it can cause adverse effects.
  • Don’t drive, run or involve in activities that require high mental focus or physical activity as the medicine may cause heavy dizziness.
  • Never take it for entertainment purposes. The medicine is only for treating erectile dysfunction and other erection problems.
  • Have this medicine at least 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse.
  • The drug does not work if you are not sexually stimulated.
  • Do not take more than one pill a day. To stop the medicine, change the frequency or exceed the course, consult your doctor.
  • The effect of the medicine persists for four hours. Therefore the person can enjoy sexual intercourse again after ejaculation with the same intensity and without having another pill.

Penegra Is Not For

The expert recommended Penegra 50 mg is not for people coming in this category,

  • We don’t recommend the medicine for patients allergic to sildenafil or other ingredients present in the formulation.
  • Patients who are consuming nitrate-containing medicines like isosorbide, and nitroglycerine should not take this drug.
  • The medicine is also not for people taking Riociguat.
  • Those who have unstable angina or cardiac failure should avoid taking the drug.
  • The drug is also not for women or men below 18 years.
  • If anyone is suffering from severe kidney and liver disease, then the person should completely avoid it.

Other Useful Meds

How Safe Is Penegra 50?

The drug is FDA-approved and contains body-friendly ingredients. If the doctor has suggested the drug to you, then you can take it without any worries. Doctors and experts from all over the world suggest sildenafil citrate-based medicines to ED patients. The drug is legally approved in India, the USA, and other countries.

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Keeping Healthy Foods for Erectile Dysfunction – What To Eat Everyday?

Limitations Of Penegra 50

Penegra does not make your size bigger than your capacity. It only improves blood circulation in the male genital area; hence you achieve a sufficient erection as per your capacity.

It does not claim to give extraordinary results. The duration of your sexual performance depends on other factors as well, like your age and health condition.

In addition to this, Penegra 50 mg is a temporary medicine, so you cannot use it lifelong. There is a fixed routine and cause to have it that the doctor suggests to you. It treats erectile dysfunction to a great extent but does not cure it of the roots. If you want to recover from erection problems completely, you need to cure the cause first.

The drug also does not save you from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Therefore take safety precautions while having intercourse.

Penegra 50 mg Buy Online

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What Is Penegra 50 Used For?


Penegra 50mg Tablets is a prescription medication that treats erectile dysfunction in men. It increases blood flow to the penis. This allows men to erect. It is part of a group known as PDE 5 inhibitors (phosphodiesterase type 5).


Viagra or Penegra 50mg Tablet are the most common drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. It can also be used to treat other sexual dysfunctions in men. Sildenafil citrate salt is the form of the drug.


Penegra 50mg Tablet is part of a class of medicines known as PDE5 inhibitors. The blood vessels in the penis are relaxed by Penegra Tablet. When sexually stimulated, blood can flow to the penis and cause an erection.


Penegra 50mg Tablet contains Sildenafil. It is an effective medication that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition in which a man cannot have or maintain a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse.


Yes, Penegra 50mg Can Be Used Safely. If You Have A Painful, Prolonged Erection Or Experience Chest Pain After Taking Penegra 50mg, Please Consult Your Doctor Immediately. Some People May Experience Headache Dizziness Or Flushing, As Well As Muscle Pain. If They Bother You, Contact Your Doctor.


Yes, Viagra may help you keep an erection, even after you ejaculate. If your erection lasts more than four hours, you should consult a doctor immediately. This could be a medical emergency that can damage your penis.

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