Penile Sensitivity: Lifestyle Changes and Techniques

Penile Sensitivity Lifestyle Changes and Techniques

Whether your penis is too sensitive or not at all, having any of them is problematic. You need a middle ground to enjoy pleasurable sex passionately. That’s why penile sensitivity is a vital aspect of sexual health as well as sexual experience. But unfortunately, the majority of men back out from addressing their problems. Why? Because just like erectile dysfunction, this very topic is often considered taboo and men find it embarrassing to talk about it openly. However, times have changed and these issues have become drastically common.

By seeking professional help and employing advanced medical solutions men can easily improve penile sensitivity. Whether it’s through medication, therapy, or lifestyle changes, addressing this concern can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience. Let’s read on further to know more about penis sensitivity and the ways to improve it. 

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What Is Penile Sensitivity?

The extent of sensitivity or reactivity in the penis is referred to as penile sensitivity. To aid in arousal and erection, it is necessary to have some sensitivity in the penis. Too much or too little sensitivity, on the other hand, may be experienced by some people, which may have an impact on their daily lives and sexual behavior. Penile sensitivity may result from several different illnesses, traumas, or circumcisions, among other things.  

Too much penile responsiveness is good to some extent, however, in this blog, we will purely focus on the lack of penile sensitivity. So let’s get started with the causes first. Are you bothered by ED too just like the majority of males? Try Caverta 100 or Cenforce 120 now.

Causes of Reduced Penis Sensitivity 

By understanding the root of the issue, you have a better chance of solving it. So what may be the root of this specific problem? Here are the possible causes of it;

Causes of Reduced Penis Sensitivity 
  • Medical conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, phimosis, Balantis, etc.
  • Low testosterone penile sensitivity 
  • Stress
  • Injury to your penis
  • Unfavorable masturbation strategies 
  • Inactive lifestyle 
  • Urinary tract infection 
  • Aging
  • Effects of certain medications 

Ways To Improve Penile Sensitivity 

If this thing is bothering you as well no need to slump down, there are plenty of men facing the same situations. For your misery, we have listed down some well-tested and effective ways to wake up your sleeping loins. 

Get your erectile dysfunction diagnosed

Often the loss of penis sensitivity is an indication that your penile health is in danger i.e., you are on the verge of experiencing erectile dysfunction. The reason behind this is the lack of blood flow, however, it can easily be treated with prescription meds like Cenforce 100 mg or Nizagara 100

Don’t use excessive lubrication 

If while thrusting your erection into the vagina, friction is not created orgasm becomes hard to achieve. Similarly, when you employ non-natural lubrication less friction is created,  making it easier to slide the penis in and out without much sensation. That’s why finding a balanced lube amount or no lube at all is important for maintaining the right level of friction during sexual intercourse. 

Watch the way you sit 

The pudendal nerve carries feelings from your private parts to your brain. You may squeeze this nerve if you sit in a way that puts a lot of pressure on the area between your legs and not enough on your buttocks. This can make you feel numb or hurt down there.

To avoid this, you should change how you sit so that your buttocks take more of your weight and the area between your legs takes less. You should also stand up once in a while to relieve the pressure and stop the nerve from hurting.

When masturbating, keep your grip loose

Don’t hang on the grip of your penis. According to research those who engage in harder masturbation for a longer duration their responsiveness to any kind of sensual stimulation tend to reduce.  

So either you can stop doing it at all (which we know is the toughest thing to do) or you can try going easy on it. 

Monitor your testosterone levels 

When testosterone is low, it can affect sexual arousal and cause various physical problems, such as difficulty focusing, trouble sleeping, changes in body shape, and loss of sensitivity in the penis. Doctors can measure testosterone levels and recommend testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to solve these problems.

Get your medications checked with a physician 

If you are on antidepressants antihistamines or opioids, that’s your cue to consult your physician and let them know the problems you are facing because of your medications. 

They might lower the dosage or prescribe you drugs that have lesser side effects.  

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Try out therapy sessions 

It’s completely normal these days to consult a therapist for your sexual problems. Therapy sessions can help you explore any underlying psychological factors that may be contributing to your sexual issues. A therapist can provide guidance and support in finding healthy coping mechanisms and improving your overall well-being. Additionally, they can help you develop strategies to enhance intimacy and communication with your partner. 

How To Decrease Penile Sensitivity?

If lesser penile sensitivity is the issue too much of it can be problematic too. How? Imagine your penis accidentally got caressed in public and you don’t have control over your erection, it’s going to be so embarrassing. So what can be done? 

One way is to employ a desensitizing cream or spray but only by consulting a doctor. Or you can talk about it to your doctor openly and find ways to cope with it. 

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