Pregalin 75 mg Capsule - 75mg

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About Pregalin 75 mg Capsule

Pregalin 75 mg Capsule is an anti-inflammatory medication that can design to alleviate the pain that is due to nerve injury (neuropathic pain) caused by diabetes or shingles (herpes zoster infections) and spinal cord injuries or other disorders. It can also treat generalized stiffness and pain in patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

It is part of the group of anti-epileptic medicines and is also use to treat certain kinds of seizures (fits) together with other medications. It can also prescribe to alleviate signs of anxiety disorders when other drugs aren’t suitable.

Benefits of Pregalin 75 mg Capsule:

Pregalin 75 Capsule is a medication use to treat chronic (chronic) pain that is caused by nerve damage caused by diabetes or shingles, as well as injuries to the spinal cord. It eases pain and associated symptoms like insomnia, mood fluctuations and fatigue. It’s believe to work by affecting signals for pain that travel through damaged nerves as well as the brain.

It is recommend to take this medication regularly in order to increase your physical and social functioning as well as your general quality of life. It takes several weeks to take effect, so you have to be taking it on a regular basis even if it seems like that it’s not doing you any good. When your symptoms have disappeared.

Side Effects:

  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty in paying attention
  • Dizziness
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Sleepiness
  • Weight gain

How to use:

Use this medication in the amount and time recommended by your physician. Pregalin 75 Capsule is a capsule that can take without or with food, however, it is recommend to have it take at a set time.


Can Pregalin 75mg interact with other medications?

Pregalin 75mg may be a drug interaction with certain medicines which have an effect on the nervous system of the central nerve. Inform your physician of all medications you're taking, including prescriptions supplements, over-the counter, and herbal supplements.
It is important to inform your healthcare professional whether you are expecting, planning to be pregnant or are breastfeeding prior to starting Pregalin 75 mg. The potential risks and advantages will be evaluated and your physician will make an assessment based on your specific situation.


Pregalin 75 mg capsules are typically taken orally, either with food or with no. The schedule of dosing and the duration for treatment are decided by your doctor depending on your health situation. Do not alter the dosage or stop taking the medication before consulting with your physician.

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