Psychotherapist’s advice on no sexual attraction to a partner

Psychotherapist's advice on no sexual attraction to a partner

Will you still call it love, if you are not sexually attracted towards your partner? Sexual attraction is a very intimate and essential part of any romantic relationship. But what if the fire once ignited day and night, fades off gradually in the relationship? Loss of sexual attraction to a partner is a matter of concern for many. It surely doesn’t mean that the relationship is completely wiped out, consider this as one of many obstacles. So the real question that arises is ‘How to become sexually attracted to your partner again?’ or ‘How to sexually attract a partner?’ Whatever the question or doubt is the crucial thing is to detect the underlying cause of your kink in the relationship. 

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From Hot to Not: The Science Behind Losing Sexual Interest

Remember the first time you fell in love with someone, that wholesome feeling can never be replaceable. It just feels like there are rainbows and unicorns everywhere but unfortunately preserving this feeling to the very end is a hell of a work. 

Over time, a variety of things may influence how we feel about our partner and relationship. For instance;

Physiological factors 

Physiological factors 
  • Health Concerns: A caregiving spouse may find it difficult to maintain attraction. The dedication and energy needed could ultimately suppress their sexual drive.
  • Having children: When a woman births a child, the body goes through certain hormonal changes which may decrease their cravings for sexual intimacy. Additionally, the same thing can happen to a male parent, when they prioritize and all their time behind raining that child, sexual attraction may fade away. 
  • Sometimes intimate sexual malfunctions like erectile dysfunction in men can also be the cause. However, it can easily be treated with pills like Sildalist, Tadaflo 20mg, Lovegra 100mg, and many more.  
  • Different sexual interests: When your partner’s desires don’t match yours the issue may arise. It’s challenging to maintain relationships when you can’t speak of sex openly and honestly.

Psychological factors

The Physiological factors
  • unending strife: When there is a continuous toxic atmosphere between couples due to unresolved issues and fights, sexual attraction may wear off. 
  • Infidelity: When one partner engages in infidelity, it can lead to a loss of trust and emotional connection, which can ultimately diminish sexual attraction. Additionally, the guilt and resentment that may arise from infidelity can further strain the relationship and impact sexual intimacy. 

How To Be More Sexually Attracted To Your Partner?

What if I am not sexually attracted to my partner? Don’t worry there is nothing in the world that can’t be fixed and the same is true for lost sexual connection with a partner. So hang tight with us till the very last to-know tips about how to attract a desired partner sexually. 

  • Communicate sincerely: To be honest, communication is the ultimate key to so many locked doors. But only if it is thoughtfully done you can solve the issues. Be honest and talk your heart out to your partner. 
  • Create an atmosphere of trust: To rekindle the sexual connection, trust must be developed in every relationship. You may increase closeness and desire by fostering a trusting environment where you and your spouse can feel exposed and vulnerable. This may be accomplished through having honest and nonjudgmental dialogues, paying attention to one another’s needs and wants, and continually respecting and encouraging one another.  
  • Getting Expert Assistance: When nothing is working out, it is okay to seek help from outsiders.  You may facilitate healing by working with a professional counselor to determine how to handle the challenging aspects of your relationship. They can assist you in creating a more fulfilling relationship.

The therapist will offer an unbiased and encouraging environment so that the concerns may address successfully. They give both sides a chance to acknowledge. To improve self-awareness, therapists assist in identifying underlying problems. In the end, they provide methods and tools for overcoming the difficulties.

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Why Is Men’s Mental Health Not Taken Seriously?

I Love My Partner But Sexually Attracted to Others

Now if you are suffering from this same problem, it can be a little more bothersome than the former one. But you will shock after hearing, what science has to say about this. According to surveys and data interpretation, it is completely normal to feel this way. In fact, many people go through this situation. But how well you address this situation matters after all. 

If you really value and respect your relationship you will choose to ignore or suppress that infatuation and rather focus on strengthening the bond with your partner. 

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Feeling less sexually attracted to a partner is a common experience that many people go through. However, it is important to remember that attraction is not the sole foundation of a successful relationship. By prioritizing communication, and emotional connection, and working together to address any concerns or issues, you can cultivate a deeper and more fulfilling partnership with your loved one. 


Is a relationship possible even if there isn’t any sexual attraction?

We are conditioned to believe that we have to be physically attracted by someone at first sight or that there is no possibility of a relationship. 

What is the reason it’s so hard for me to feel sexually attracted to a person?

The difficulty in feeling attracted to one person could be due to different factors, such as depression, sexuality, and the effects of medication, or a feeling of insecurity about the ability to select the right partner. Perhaps, it’s because you’re not finding the perfect person to ignite feelings of sexual desire.

Why my wife isn’t at all interested in my sexuality?

Common causes of an absence of sexual desire and drive among women are Interpersonal relationship issues. Performance issues with partners and a lack of emotional satisfaction with the relationship, the birth of a baby, and being the caregiver of someone else can reduce the desire to sexually.

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