Revolizer (Device)

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About Revolizer

Revolizer Device is a great device for inhaling dry medication powder orally to treat lung-related ailments. Revolizer is an affordable user-friendly and environmentally friendly device to aid in lung (lung-associated) drugs. Revolizer aids in treating and controlling asthma through precise dosing and high-quality delivery of the medication to the lungs.

How To Use Of Revolizer

  • To open, grasp the Revolizer at its base using one hand, then pull away the mouthpiece.
  • Take a rotacap out of its bottle. Insert the rotacap in the chamber of the rotacap with the transparent part being positioned underneath, as illustrated.
  • Close the mouthpiece tightly.

Breathe in fully, and through the mouth. The mouthpiece should place between the teeth and then wrap the lips tight around the mouthpiece. Stand or sit upright with your head straight and then breathe into the mouth quickly and deeply. If you’ve done it right you’ll be able to feel the rotacap’s vibration in the Revolizer.

Take the Revolizer from your mouth, and breathe for around 10 seconds or the duration that is relaxed. Breathe normally. If there is a remnant of powder within the rotacap chamber continue step 4. Check to make sure that there isn’t any powder remaining within the chamber of rotacap.

After each use, you should take the mouthpiece off (till the arrows line up) and discard the rotacap that is empty. Close the mouthpiece and place the Revolizer in the handy carry pouch supplied.

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How Does It Work Revololizer

Revolver is a new DPI device that was the outcome of a conceptual and unfolding schedule that addresses the essential need for an optimal inhalation device.

It offers a sure dose and a more significant deposition of the lung even when inspiratory flow rates are low coupled with a deft use. It helps to create a more significant respirable fraction and adds the look and feel of a neoteric style to offer patients an uprising treatment for inhalation.

Directions To Use Revolizer

With no shaking or priming, the capsule for medication needs to place in and breathed through the mouthpiece. Easy to clean The chamber of the asthma device and mouthpiece can cleane using a clean, dry cloth.

The Side Consequences Of Revolizer

Most adverse reactions are minor and will fade when your body adjusts to the drug. If they do not go disappear or you’re worried about them, speak to your physician.
There are no adverse side negative effects when taken according to the dosage instructions

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