Is Your Sex Drive Causing You Concern?

Now sex drive is a matter of concern that can arise itself but that’s not it, many other factors can influence its triggers. Other than sex drive disorder, all those sexual dysfunctions could also potentially serve to trigger sex drive concerns.

According to studies, around 8% of erectile dysfunction sufferers in their 20s felt weak sexual desires. We’ll look at more of these statistics when we discuss this topic throughout this article. Along with discussing sex drive, we have discussed some good sexual dysfunction remedies like Super Alvitra, and Duratia

Are you at peace with your desires or do you feel that you are at loggerheads with your own sex drive? Let’s go beyond the glorious peaks of desire, understand the not-so-silent conversations our bodies are whispering, and finally learn to mingle with the sequences of our lives.

What Does ‘Sex Drive’ Mean?

Think of ‘sex drive‘ as similar to your hunger but for having sex. Just as you might be hungry for different foods, your body might be hungry for sexual experiences. Its fluctuation may vary in intensity, depending on many things such as your health, state of mind, and circumstances. These variables may cause your mood to fluctuate. We all have different appetites for sex and that makes the diversity.  

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Now this was the basic understanding of libido aka sex drive but in reality, many experts have denied to define it as simply as hunger for sex. Further, they added that drive or libido is drastically different than desire. That’s when some experts came up with two new types of sex drives, i.e, spontaneous and responsive. 

A spontaneous sex drive could be considered a sudden and unexpected urge to be intimate. Responsive is a type where you need help from external sources like physical touch, visual stimulation, etc to trigger the desire.

What Is A Normal Sex Drive?

Unfortunately, every person has their own unique level of libido which does not stay stagnant throughout their lifetime, it can fluctuate whenever and wherever based on a number of reasons. So now the question that arises is what’s the normal libido then?

Sex and sexuality is one of the most misunderstood topics. It is full of conflicting thoughts and wild cravings with no concrete handbook. However, some periods in life can be the cause of increased or decreased appetite, which is mostly related to hormonal changes. 

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What Are The Signs Of A High Sex Drive?

Although it doesn’t always correspond to how frequently you participate in sexual activity, a strong sex drive is typically defined by how often you express fascination with sex and feel extreme desire. 

What constitutes a high-sex desire varies from person to person. However, we have gathered a few manifestations that could be looked out for in general. 

  • Frequently experiencing sensual thoughts and sensations
  • Getting frequent turn-ons
  • having a sense of connection to your physique and sexual identity
  • Confidence in oneself sexually
  • sex-positive mindset 

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Why Do I Have Such A High Libido? 

Even though we just discussed that there is no handbook to determine what constitutes a low or high sex drive, there are still some factors that can take your libido to the extreme where we can’t help but wonder why is it so high. 

So in such instances, there could be underlying reasons such as hormonal imbalances, some pharmaceutical drug usage, and certain health conditions. You might wonder how health condition causes a high sex drive. 

Well, according to sexologists, intimacy might become your top focus if you have some major mental conditions, such as anxiety, poor self-esteem, unprocessed guilt, and other deeply ingrained emotions. 

If you are constantly feeling this compulsive craving for intimacy it might be possible that you have hypersexual disorder. In such conditions, even if you get constant sex, you don’t feel satisfied afterward.

How To Level Out Your Libido?

Leveling out your libido simply means achieving baseline libido, i.e, not too much and not too less. As long as your condition is not critical, you can wisely manage it yourself at home by simply balancing your hormones, practicing a healthy lifestyle, and learning to stimulate your sex drive in the correct way. Take Super Kamagra or Suhagra 100mg to amp up your bedroom game. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to do it alone, you can ask for help and support from your partner or even experts. Don’t be ashamed of your situation because remember there are people who have specifically opted to study these things and achieved professionalism in their area.

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DIY For Libido Issues

So as we just said you can manage your libido at home but how? There are a plethora of ways to do it. For instance, get in a deep connection with your inner self and put intimate moments and sex on your calendar alongside business appointments and get-together meetups with pals. Other ways are; 

  • Other DIY is lying right around in your kitchen; bananas, avocados, and chocolate are known to be the stimulants for you to feel in the mood. 
  • Try being inventive in your bed and explore the positions out of your comfort zone. 
  • Don’t just do it silently, use your words to make things even more steamy. 
  • Lastly, no matter what tricks and tips you try in bed, they won’t work unless you are physically fit and mentally present. So train your mind and physique with workout and meditation.

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