Have Sexually Transmitted Infections Increased Among Over 55s?

Have Sexually Transmitted Infections Increased Among Over 55s

Let’s admit that we all feel weird or awkward talking about sex and other related things like sexually transmitted infections with our grandparents or senior adults. In fact, people often find it surprising that individuals over 60 are also engaged in doing “it”.

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Of course, most of their young days were spent weathering life’s storms, raising families, and building careers, so that now they have more time and freedom to explore their sexuality.

Therefore all the stereotypes surrounding this should be broken down.  So break stereotypes by educating yourselves with topics like ‘It’s Time To Talk About Consent For Sex’. 

Although we encourage the idea that ‘intimacy knows no age limit’, we often forget it when the cases of STI in older adults come across.

Therefore breaking our own stereotypes is crucial, however, there is another thing that is even more crucial, i.e, making older adults understand the concept of safe sex practices. Moreover, there is no such thing as ‘Couples: How Much Sex Should They Have?

Sexually Transmitted Infections: Understanding And Addressing  

Whether you call it sexually transmitted infection(STI) or sexually transmitted disease(STD), they both are simply venereal diseases. Sexual action, whether it be vaginal, anal, or oral, is the primary way in which they spread. They come from viruses, microbes, or parasites, and they travel the entire world. They pass through lovers’ sensitive membranes, permanently or temporarily altering their reproductive and sexual health.

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In the past 10 years, the instances of these venereal diseases have substantially risen in the grey-haired souls, says the CDC. To state it more precisely, the numbers look like below; 

  • Surge in syphilis cases: Unexpectedly, cases among people 55 and older have increased seven times in the last ten years.  
  • Havocs created by Gonorrhea: The silver-haired group is now home to stealthy gonorrhea, which thrives in close contact and manifests almost five times more frequently.
  • Chlamydia’s rise: While talking of this particular creep that crawls into people’s sexual lives, it has doubled its number so far.

The primary and major reason behind such a surge is the doctor’s and individual’s negligence or overlooking behavior. Doctors often feel reluctant to ask their elderly patients about their sex lives and so do the patients step back in discussing it.

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Moreover, conventional schools weren’t actually practicing sexual education very officially in the 1930s, 1940s, or 1950s, that’s why our older folks could not receive the kind of sex education given to students today.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Symptoms

Even though we provide a comprehensive symptoms list, they often go unnoticed among individuals as they could overlook them out of ignorance or shame, or they might confuse them with other health problems. This problem further leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment making the condition irreversible often.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Symptoms

Still here are the potential lookouts of the STIs’ symptoms;

  • Pimple-like bumps or lesions: If the skin of your lower abdomen, mouth, or genitalia suffers from inflammation, sores, or anything that is unusual. 
  • Pee that hurts or burns: Any feeling of discomfort when urinating may be an indication. 
  • Unusual discharge: White discharges are usual but if they are becoming greenish or yellowish, it’s a matter of concern. 
  • Bleeding vagina: If your vagina is bleeding other than during the menstrual cycle, it could be a sign. 
  • Painful intercourse: Sudden discomfort during coitus. 
  • Enlarged lymph nodes: Keep an eye on your lymph nodes in the pelvic region.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk Factors

Risk factors are those from where you are likely to get infected with STDs. For instance;

  • Unsafe or unprotected intercourse
  • More than one sexual partner 
  • Sex work 
  • Substance use while having sex (leading to impaired decisions) 
  • Weak immune system  

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Risk Factors For Older Adults

The same risk factor we mentioned above goes for the older adults as well. However, there are a couple more factors that are causing the number to rise hefty. For instance, the lack of knowledge. Many older persons report to know very little about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or to have very few opportunities to talk to their doctors about sexual health because of stigma, embarrassment, or other issues. 

Another reason is the condom or other protection usage. They discard condoms because of the alleged reduced risk of pregnancy. 

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Who Has More Stds Males Or Females?

Many studies and research were conducted to find out the same, shockingly the results were in favor of females having a higher rate of sexually transmitted infections compared to males. The reason behind this is believed to be a weaker immune system. 

Moreover, it is stated that the female reproductive system is more susceptible to sickness than the male’s. If you are a sufferer of FSD try using Femalegra 100 or Femalefil 10 Mg from Medicscales.

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Can Sexually Transmitted Diseases Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Of course! STIs do have a role in men’s erectile dysfunction. One way through which STD can trouble your erectile function is by bothering your prostate gland. 

When gonorrhea, chlamydia, or hepatitis-like infections infect the prostate gland It causes issues with the genitalia’s ability to get enough blood flow. Hence, ED is the result. However, visit Medicscales to get solutions such as Fildena 100 Purple Pill, Vidalista 20 Mg, or Vega 100mg for your ED.

Treatment Of STD In Male

The treatment of STDs in men is chosen after careful diagnosis of the disease. These treatment strategies vary greatly depending on the type of STI infection. Here are some instances;

  • Antibiotics are typically deployed for bacterial STDs such as gonorrhea. However, early identification and treatment are essential.
  • In the case of viral STIs like herpes and HIV, they unfortunately can’t be cured. However, there are some medications like Atazor 300mg or Atazor R Tablet can help slow down the further development of illness. 
  • There are vaccines available for the prevention of Hep B
  • When it comes to syphilis benzathine benzylpenicillin is usually prescribed.

Treatment Of STD In Female 

Unlike sexual dysfunctions, sexually transmitted infections are exactly identical in males and females. That’s why the treatment and management of the disease are majorly the same. Nonetheless, women who suspect they may have an STI must get medical help right away. 

Additionally essential to stopping the spread of viruses are routine testing and safe sexual behavior.  However, if you are young and wish for pro tips to begin your sex journey, read ‘Sex Tips For First Timers’.

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