It’s Time To Talk About Consent For Sex

It's Time To Talk About Consent For Sex

Whenever a topic like consent for sex is tossed for discussion, the center of the majority of the talk always concerns the female gender. For instance, how women are robbed of their virginity without their permission or there are cases of rape against women and sexual assault against women. This thing has become conventional as if consent for sex is only a concern for women.

People need to understand that no matter what gender is it, consent goes both ways. In fact, it is a universal concern that affects people of all genders and sexual orientations.

The Effects Of A Sexless Marriage On Couples

The Effects Of A Sexless Marriage On Couples

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Consent is more than just an idea; it’s a fundamental component of every intimate relationship, therefore it’s critical to talk about and comprehend it fully. Understand that consent is not implied, assumed, or silent; it is loud, clear, and unequivocal. So let’s unravel the complexities of consent for sex in the further part of the blog.

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Let’s break the stereotype that consent for sex should only be centered around women. It is essential to bear in mind that consent holds equal significance for males as well. Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault or rape, regardless of gender.  

To prove this claim, we did some digging and found shocking numbers, according to one transverse study, 46% of males have gone through forced sex with men while 57% of men said they had non-consensual sex with women.  

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Approximately one in four men disclosed experiencing at least one instance of non-consensual sex with a woman. Moreover, 23.9% of men reported situations where women tried to coerce them into participating in non-consensual sexual acts.

What Is Consensual Sex?

Enough with the data, one of the biggest reasons for such big numbers is that people don’t really understand what consensual sex means. So let’s comprehend it. 

Consent is the act of clearly and expressly requesting approval to carry out an action, i.e, sexual activity. For instance; 

  • Getting a clear, concise “Yes” to carry out the activity. 
  • When you are with someone, check in with them from time to time to see if they are at ease with what is happening, ask them if they’d like to stop it or continue, etc.  

So this is what consent looks like. Apparently, there are some instances when consent for sex doesn’t look clear; in such cases do not proceed. For instance;

  • When an individual does not proceed with a clear ‘yes’ and remains silent. 
  • A person who is incapable of refusing or who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Vague terms like ‘I don’t care’ are not the same as ‘yes’. 
  • Accepting one activity, such as holding hands, smooching, or flirting, does not imply acceptance of any other conduct. 
  • Dressing flirtatious or sexily is not considered consent.

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How Much Sex Should Couples Have?

Couples: How Much Sex Should They Have?

Firstly consent is an active verb. All forms of intimate behavior including kissing, hugging, sex, oral sex, penetrative sex, touching, and so on, require permission each and every time. Be aware, All these acts are considered rape or sexual assault if done without permission. 

Consent is necessary whether you are meeting someone for the first time or have been dating for ages It has to be given freely each and every time; it isn’t just assumed. Previous encounters do not always imply permission. Keep lines of communication open and respectful. 

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Asking for consent is sexy, is it? Well, that is true, many individuals have agreed that when your partner cares about and respects your boundaries at every step, just makes them want to fall even harder. 

Making decisions and working together to negotiate are crucial components of foreplay and sensual play. Wonder, how? 

  • Your lover aspires to get your approval. You have the power to direct and to accept or reject. Finding out what other people desire is a very strong turn-on and can lead to a great sex experience.
  • Moreover, it’s a part of sex talks and has the power to breed excitement and pleasure.

So find sexy ways to ask for consent next time to your partner and get them fully turned on. Moreover, When stress threatens your erections, consider the power of Cenforce 50 or the Fildena 150. These little helpers can let your confidence rise alongside your erection.

We are not wild animals, therefore matters like consent for sex are very delicate and should not be neglected. We understand that these kinda talks are a bit uncomfortable and awkward. That’s why we have compiled a short list that can help you. 

Find The Right Time

Communicating with your partner about sex is important but so is the time. Look for a moment when you as well as your partner are relaxed, not agitated, hurried, or preoccupied. In the event that either of you is dead busy, you may even think about setting up a time to speak! 

Talk Face To Face

Talks like consent before sex should not be done in texts or letters, as these are susceptible to misunderstanding. Have face-to-face conversations to avoid needless misunderstandings. Try writing down your ideas in advance and reading them aloud to your spouse if you’re experiencing problems gathering your thoughts. 

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Check Your Body Language

Your body posture is really important while having such talks, if you are casually laid down or slouching, it may give off the impression that you are not taking the conversation seriously. Sit up straight, make eye contact, and use open body language to show that you are engaged and listening. 

Use The 48 Hour Rule

It’s important to talk to your partner when they upset you. You aren’t required to respond right away; take your time. After 48 hours, if it’s still bothering you, talk to them directly about it. After they have truly apologized, move on and refrain from bringing up irrelevant old grievances.

However, if you are a beginner, read our article on ‘sex tips for first timers’ to help ease your nerves. 

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