The Positions, Tips, and Techniques Of Great Oral Sex

The Positions, Tips, and Techniques Of Great Oral Sex

Physical intimacy is not just having sex or oral sex, it has various dimensions through which a new sense of pleasure can be unblocked. However, people often step back to explore these vast dimensions as they are afraid or have incomplete knowledge about these aspects.

Moreover, all those ages old myths and misconceptions don’t help much. So in this blog post, we will be focusing on breaking myths surrounding oral sex. Apart from debunking myths, we have discussed some reliable and rugged sexual dysfunction fixers; such as Aurogra 100mg and Avana 50mg.

Top Sex Positions With Your Partner

Top Sex Positions With Your Partner

Along with mythbusting, we have some interesting and lesser-known facts for you, so buckle up and get ready to sail out on the journey to discover the true pleasures of oral sex. A little heads-up; the majority parts of this blog is centered on female oral sex tips. Along the way, you will also find some miraculous remedies like Caverta 100 or Vidalista 80 Black for men’s ED.

The Art Of Unblocking Intimacy Through Oral Sex Moves 

So as promised, here is the first fact; many people aren’t aware that flavored condoms are purely and specifically designed for oral sex purposes. Using them for penetration may cause discomfort and a yeast infection. 

Now you know which condoms to use and when. However, if you are looking for sexual dysfunction solution like Bluemen 100 Mg, head to Medicscales and explore the shop. 

But before we move on to discuss oral sex in detail, let’s bust some myths and understand what oral sex actually means.

What Is Oral Sex? 

Oral sex or coitus simply refers to the act of using the mouth, tongue, or lips to stimulate a partner’s genitals including the penis, vulva/vagina, clitoris, or anus. This intimate exercise is inclusive and accessible to individuals regardless of all genders and sexual orientations. 

This practice allows individuals to enjoy mutually and explore erotic pleasures together.  

Ofter there is another word that is frequently associated with oral, i.e, fellatio. You might wonder, what is fellatio? Basically, when oral is performed on a man by another man or woman is referred to as fellatio. This kind involves stimulating a man’s genitalia, particularly the penis. 

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Speaking of fellation, another word that comes to mind is cunnilingus. The term refers to oral performed on a woman by another person (of any sexual orientation), often including clitoris and labia stimulation.  

In short, all these forms are different ways for partners to pleasure each other orally.

Is Oral Sex Safe?

We totally understand if this way of coitus seems weird and gross to you. You are not alone in this, many men and women step back from involving in fellatio, cunnilingus, or other similar forms due to its safety concerns. 

When consensual people in genuinely monogamous relationships who are not plagued by STIs engage in sexual activity orally, it is typically regarded as safe. It’s crucial to remember that this might still carry some danger. However, these dangers can be decreased by using barrier techniques like condoms or dental dams. Shop top-notch ED products like Vidalista CT 20, Chocolis 20 Mg, and many more from Medicscales to gain the perks of discounts. 

Another query that surrounds the safety concerns of oral sex is whether swallowing the receiver person’s cum is safe or not. So as long as both partners are STI-free, swallowing it is harmless. In fact, the cum possesses some beneficial minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

How To Perform Oral On A Woman?

Since each vulva is distinct, each vulva-bearer will have somewhat varied preferences. Some will like a gentle brush while others might ask for more robust techniques. 

Completing things rightly the first time is not important; half of the joy is finding it out together. So here are some of the best oral sex techniques to deliver a fantastic job. 

  • Get a little warm-up. 
  • Play with your tongue 
  • Don’t only concentrate on the clitoris 
  • Put some fingers or a toy there
  • Explore the whole body 
  • Request instructions

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How To Make A Girl Cum With Your Mouth?

There are multiple explored and unexplored ways to make your girl wet down there. If you are newer in this zone, the above-mentioned methods will most likely work. Moreover, the majority of couples explore within those aforementioned techniques only. However, if you like a kick and please your partner to the peak, you can always experiment with different techniques and see what works best for both of you. 

Alongside those already mentioned tips you can also add foreplay, foreplay takes the game to the next level. Lastly, don’t give up too fast, stay consistent, and try to be patient.    

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The 6 Reasons Men Go Soft During Sex

The 6 Reasons Men Go Soft During Sex

How To Lick A Lady?

It is imperative that you put each other’s satisfaction first by communicating, paying attention, and showing respect. However, we still have some more pointers to help you out on how to perform cunnilingus; 

  • Before you even get into bed, make sure the preferences and boundaries of each other by communicating blatantly. 
  • Let the mood set in first by establishing laid-back and cozy settings. 
  • Launch gradually, for instance, by softly petting and massaging the thighs. 
  • Zero-in on clitoris, Try out several methods, including strokes, like side-to-side, upward and downward, and circling.
  • Some women want more concentrated and powerful stimulation, while others favor wide, flat tongue sweeps.  
  • Vary your oral methods by gentle biting, licking, and sucking in succession. 
  • While your tongue is solely focused on the clitoris, add your hands to the act. Use your hands to stimulate the labia, inner thighs, and other erotic regions. If your partner still finds it difficult to get turned on, urge them to try Lovegra 100mg or Pink Lady 100 Mg

Men if you are performing oral sex with women, these tips will assist you significantly. There are many other techniques of great oral sex out there, you just need to patiently explore them all.

Sex Positions For Oral Sex

So far, we discussed some best oral sex techniques, however, it is equally important to consider ideal sex positions to perform sex orally. Playing around with various positions could heighten enjoyment and add to the fun for both parties. Here are some of the best fellatio and cunnilingus positions; 

  • Simply lie down 
  • The ‘69’ 
  • Either sitting or slightly laid back 
  • Leaning forward or standing
  • The evergreen ‘doggy style’
  • The edge of the mattress
  • Lying on the Side 
  • Legs Above Shoulders

How To Last Longer During Oral?

Lasting longer is a huge task and probably not a piece of cake. it requires practice not only for the physical aspect but also for the psychological part. So try this;

  • Exercise your breathing methods
  • Employ diversion tricks 
  • Practice edging technique 
  • Apply a delay cream or spray, if ED is the real problem employ Fildena 150.
  • Talk 
  • Play around with other approaches
  • Kegels are important 
  • Put sensations first

Sexual Wellness Is Most Important Above All 

While keeping your sensation burning, don’t forget about your sexual wellness because, without ideal sexual health, everything is in vain.

Take greater care of yourself or your partner if suffering from sexual dysfunctions. Encourage each other to reach out to professionals and seek guidance. If the male partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction, urge them to take Cenforce 50, however, if the female partner is an FSD sufferer gift them Female Viagra.

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