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What Is Tenohep 300mg?

In 2018, a staggering 37.9 million souls carried HIV in their blood, and 1.7 million of them succumbed to the deadly AIDS syndrome. Meanwhile, in 2015, a whopping 257 million people harbored the hepatitis B virus in their liver, and 887,000 of them lost their lives to the organ’s failure. 

These numbers are scary just to look at them, so imagine how troublesome it would have been for those individuals who were/are actually living with these diseases. But we don’t want them to lose hope because Tenohep 300mg is there to save the day. All credit goes to breakthrough technologies and advancements in medical fields.  

Thanks to Cadila Healthcare Ltd. people who are grappling with chronic Hepatitis B virus infection and HIV infection now have a flicker of hope. Tenohep 300mg, manufactured and marketed by Cadila Healthcare Ltd., offers a potential solution to manage and control the virus.

What Is Tenohep 300 Mg Used For?

The groundbreaking invention, Tenohep 300mg helps individuals to battle the nasty Hep B virus or HIV that has entered their body without permission. The core drug or secret agent Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate in the Tenohep pills is the actual deserver of the thanks. Before we move on to discuss the modus operandi, let’s learn a little more about both these conditions. 

  • HIV: When the HIV virus invades and harms your body’s defense system, Tenohep 300 mg Tablet can help you fight back. You can catch this virus from someone else’s fluids, like blood, sexual fluids, or breast milk.
  • Hepatitis B: When the HBV virus stays in your body for a long time, it can damage your liver badly, making it hard, lumpy, or even cancerous. Tenohep Tablet medicine can help you deal with this disastrous virus that spreads through genital fluids, etc.

How Tenohep 300 Tablet Works?

If you have HIV or hepatitis B, you need Tenohep 300 mg tablets. These are bad bugs that mess with your immune system, which is your body’s army against sickness. The bugs use a tool called reverse transcriptase to make more of themselves inside your body’s cells.

Tenohep 300 Tablet stops this tool and blocks the bugs from growing. This way, Tenohep 300mg Tablet makes the bugs less in your blood and helps your immune system to heal and fight harder.

How Long To Take Tenofovir For Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a serious condition that possesses the power to be a killer. Simultaneously Tenofovir pills are just as strong in combating the virus. So a doctor needs to look out for multiple aspects before he decides on how long a patient requires Tenofovir treatment regimen. 

Those aspects usually include how the patient’s internal body is reacting to the treatment(whether positively or negatively), how the liver is doing, and whether there exists any other infection or not. 

But overall, the duration of a therapeutic cure is typically long regardless of tenofovir’s usage. In some cases, this treatment goes on for years and years, sometimes even for a lifetime.

Benefits Of Tenohep 300mg Tablet

The liver-damaging virus is so potent that it can seriously obstruct the liver’s ability to operate correctly and maybe forever. On the other hand, Tenohep 300 is a supporter of your suffering liver. The pill keeps it functioning normally by lowering the viral burden and preventing the propagation of viruses. 

Additionally, it lessens the severity of symptoms that the virus causes, including inflammatory responses, liver tissue bruisings, and other similar harms. In exchange, none of these raise the risk of liver cancer or failure.

What Are The Side Effects Of Tenofovir?

Have you ever wondered, why doctors always recommend strictly sticking with the prescription and its administration module? It is because they don’t want you to fall prey to the negative consequence of not taking the drug correctly. 

Among these negative consequences, side effects are one. However, one cannot circumvent these adverse effects completely. Some might experience these and some might not. 

Anyway here are some expected side effects of Tenohep 300mg;

  • Lightheadedness
  • Rashes
  • Pain
  • Feebleness
  • Throwing up
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleeplessness 
  • Feverish
  • Backache 
  • Depression
  • Abdominal pain
  • Pneumonia
  • Poor mineral density in the bone

If you wish to make your liver fit as a fiddle and bring it back to its original condition, ‘Tenohep 300mg Tenofovir Tablets’ is the treatment you need. So visit Medic Scales right away and get multiple options like Tenohep 300mg and many others to treat HIV infection.

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