The Best ED Pills for Men: The Cons & Pros of ED Drugs

The Best ED Pills for Men The Cons & Pros of ED Drugs

Initially, when Viagra was introduced for the very first time in the domain of erectile dysfunction management, men didn’t have any choice but to opt for Viagra. As it held the monopoly over the entire market, however, we entirely agree with the fact that these tiny pills have lent helping hands to thousands and millions of men. 

But the times have changed now, Viagra is not the only option available, there are tons of pills available that can be employed to maintain your erection problems. Although it seems like a piece of good news, it can equally be confusing to choose the right option for you. So here’s a detailed guide for you to pick the best choice. 

What’s the Best Erectile Dysfunction Medication?

To answer this question some prerequisites need to be considered. For instance, getting your condition diagnosed by a professional expert. It’s of utmost importance to undergo a thorough examination to determine the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction.

This will enable the medical practitioner to provide the best ED pills for your requirements. To prevent any drug interactions or difficulties with the prescribed prescription, it is also essential to disclose any already present health issues or drugs you are presently taking. The next step would be to determine the severity or degree of your ED. 

The 4 Best ED Pills

Buckel up guys, we are going to take you into the world of a pharmaceutical miracle that has been validated scientifically to allow guys with ED to have better erections and perform sexually. Here are those four wonders of modern medicine. 

Sildenafil (The Active Ingredient in Viagra)

Sildenafil, originally marketed as Viagra in the late 1990s, was the pioneer prescription drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. For a considerable period, it was the sole therapeutic option available for men wretched from ED, just as we discussed earlier.  

Since sildenafil is now accessible in generic form, the cost has significantly decreased since its introduction to the drugstore shelves. It is a dependable solution for enhancing your erection capabilities because it is easy to use, works fast, and relieves ED symptoms for several hours. You can get it in almost every drugstore. 

Sildenafil Advantages

The pill’s longstanding presence in the market is what establishes it as the most dependable choice among all.

To prove it right, the FDA carried out research & studies and found that 63–82% of men exhibited ultimate erection quality after using it. 

A recent research article in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine revealed that sildenafil enhanced the quality of erections in 98.4 percent of men with ED who used it.

Sildenafil, with its typical four-hour duration, is an ideal choice if you’re seeking ED pills intended for a single night of sexual activity.

Lastly, from a financial standpoint, sildenafil is an effective ED treatment. Assuming you opt for generic versions, each pill is priced at just a few dollars, implying that better sexual experiences can be achieved without significant expenditure.

Sildenafil Disadvantages

There are certain ED pills available other than sildenafil that serve users with more than 4 hours of effectiveness. That means it doesn’t give enough lobby to plan the sexual activity. 

Sildenafil is akin to a once-a-day regimen which means it can only be taken up every 24 hours. So, if you and your partner are fans of multiple daily rendezvous, this might not be your knight in shining armor.

Moreover, sildenafil has a bit of a complex relationship with food. If you indulge in a feast rich in fats just before or after popping the pill, it might play hard to get and take its sweet time to kick in.

Tadalafil (the Active Ingredient in Cialis)

Tadalafil is rather famous with the names like Cialis and ‘weekend pill’. Consider Cialis as a twin sibling of Viagra but with a bit of a characteristics difference. Unlike, sildenafil this drug got thumbs up from the FDA a lot later i.e., in 2003.  

It may be bought as a daily pill or as an as-needed prescription in both generic renditions and brand names. Tadalafil, like the above-named drug, has a lengthy history. Its benefits and negative impacts are well recognized due to the substantial study done on it. 

Tadalafil Advantages

Tadalafil, with its impressive effectiveness of 17.5 hours, is like the top runner of ED medications, staying active in your system far longer than its counterparts. Just one dose of this potent potion can revitalize the rivers of blood in your nether regions, making it easier for your penis to stand tall for an impressive stretch of up to 36 hours.

If you are fond of spontaneous sex or prefer multiple rounds of rendezvous in a day, this worry-free weekend pill will provide you with enough erection stamina. 

Moreover, tadalafil is a food-friendly fellow. There’s no need to dodge breakfast, lunch, or even dinner before taking this medication, making it a convenient choice. 

Tadalafil Disadvantages

Tadalafil’s very strength is its huge downturn. Why? Because along with its 36 hours of prolonged half-life, the adverse effects will persist as well. 

It’s your call whether you want to compromise with its side effects or pursue an alternative medication with a shorter half-life. 

Again from the financial viewpoint, tadalafil carries a hefty price in comparison to sildenafil. 

Vardenafil (the Active Ingredient in Levitra)

Now, there is a lot of similarity between Vardenafil (which also goes by the name Levitra) and Tadalafil. The first would be the time when both of these were granted safety tags by the FDA i.e., in the year 2003. 

However, compared to the names mentioned above Vardenafil is slightly less popular even though it renders the functionality for 5-7 hours.  

Vardenafil Advantages

Vardenafil’s endurance is what first draws people to it. Outlasting sildenafil, grants you the luxury of time, offering a wider window of opportunity before embarking on your sexual journey. 

If you enjoy having sex twice or thrice a night, Levitra or its generic alternatives could be an excellent option because of its extended duration of action. 

Second, studies indicate that in certain males, it begins to take effect in as short as ten minutes. 

Vardenafil Disadvantages

Vardenafil just like its cousin sildenafil, is a one-time-a-day guest at the party of your life. Its limitations may not make it the ideal companion for those who desire multiple rounds of love daily, with an intermission between the acts – perhaps a matinee and an evening show.  

Moreover, just like every PDE5 inhibitor it has a bit significant amount of adverse effects. Such as;

  • Migraine
  • Flushes 
  • Nasal blockage
  • Intestinal dyspepsia
  • Inflamed sinuses, or sinusitis
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Elevated concentrations of creatine kinase (CK)
  • Wooziness
  • Backache
  • Feeling sick

Avanafil (Stendra)

Avanafil also popular by the name Stendra is the most recent ED pill on the market.


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Avanafil, the latest entrant in the PDE5 inhibitor arena, is like a discerning artist, choosing its enzymes to inhibit with a precision that surpasses older ED pills. It’s a gentle performer, less likely to stir up the unwanted drama of side effects, and is known for its promptness, springing into action faster than its predecessors. However, it carries an air of exclusivity, only answering to the brand name ‘Stendra’, with no generic alias.  

Stendra Advantages

The makers of Stendra laid rules to take at least 30 minutes before the coitus but it still works just as effectively if you take it before 15 minutes, according to the users. 

Avanafil, with its heightened selectivity for PDE5, is like a master archer, hitting its target more accurately than the older ED medications, and hence, less likely to stir up the storm of side effects.

If you find yourself walking the tightrope of side effects with sildenafil, tadalafil, or vardenafil, avanafil might just be the safety net you need. It offers the same benefits as ED medication, but paints a gentler landscape of side effects, making your journey towards wellness smoother and more comfortable erection.

Stendra Disadvantages

The primary drawback of Stendra lies in its price tag. As a newcomer in the realm of ED treatments, Stendra still enjoys the exclusivity of patent protection. Consequently, avanafil — the magic ingredient that powers Stendra — has yet to meet its generic counterpart on the US market.

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