The Effects Of A Sexless Marriage On Couples

The Effects Of A Sexless Marriage On Couples

Marriage is a holy union between two people who vow to share all the ups & downs, positives & negatives, good & bad in each other’s life. However, when it comes to sharing one more important aspect that arises is sharing of bed i.e, engaging in sexual intimacy, because a sexless marriage is the ultimate doom for this holy union.

Sex is that hidden aspect of the relationship that significantly affects other dynamics of a marriage. Marriage without sex calls for bitter & lonely feelings in marriage. 

How Much Sex Should Couples Have?

Couples: How Much Sex Should They Have?

If you really want to save your union from Doom’s Day, you have to start working on it right away. To help you with your deed we have compiled a list of tips and suggestions that will surely add a dash of intimacy to your ‘no sex marriage’. 

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What Is A Sexless Marriage?

A sexless marriage is a kind of partnership where the partners rarely or never have sexual intercourse with each other. You can compare a sexless marriage to a flowerless garden. It has all the essential elements i.e, soil, water, and sunlight, yet it isn’t as beautiful or fragrant as living things are. It does not flourish; it may just endure. 

If a relationship goes over a year or two without sex, some specialists tag it as a sexless marriage. However, on the contrary, some experts claim there are phases in marriage when couples are either extremely intimate with each other or completely disinterested in sexual activity. 

Depending on the pair, having no sex may or may not be a problem. However, there are methods to address the issue jointly as well as individually if the lack of sex and physical closeness is a concern. The first step is figuring out the roots of the issue.

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Common Reasons For A Sexless Marriage

Being sexually unsatisfied in marriage calls for great concern, however, that concern can only be solved when we get to the roots of the matter. 

Numerous variables, ranging from lifestyle picks to health concerns, might contribute to a marriage degenerating into asexuality. These are a few usual reasons for a sexless marriage summarized below.

Common Reasons For A Sexless Marriage
  • Health Conditions: There is no doubt about the role played by mental and physical aspects of humans in their sex life. For instance, if we pick the physical aspect, multiple intimate health malfunctions can contribute to the cause. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and so on bother about 31% of the male population. Similarly, the stats are 43% for the female population. 

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  • Incompatible libidos: It might not be a huge deal if couples have varied frequencies for wanting sex. However, occasionally, the person who wants less sex may feel pushed or agitated, while the one who wants more sex may feel undesired. 
  • Stress: Stress covers all kinds of stressors in a person’s life, including work, financial issues, family problems, marriage troubles, and health concerns. 
  • Drug’s adverse effects: As a side effect of certain medications, sexual dysfunctions may occur. For instance, Hormonal medications, Opiates, Chemotherapy medicines, Antihistamines, diuretics, Antidepressants, etc, all these drugs render individuals to turn away from engaging in sex. 

Along with the above ones, low sex drive, childbirth, communication gap, past traumas, mental health problems, and life problems plays a very big role leave a marriage sexless.

Sexless Marriage Effects

A marriage without sexual activity could not have any issues if both spouses are content with it. Instead of sex, they could find alternative methods to express affection such as kissing, snuggling, or spending time together. Some find that not having sex constitutes an issue and can negatively affect a marriage in a variety of ways;

  • Discontent 
  • Sexual adultery 
  • Self-worth concerns 
  • Instability and ambiguity 
  • Absence of closeness 
  • Accusing and fighting 

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Is A Sexless Marriage Normal?

If we speak from the broad spectrum there is no fixed definition of sexless marriage because each region, tradition, culture, and even individual perspective differs in context with this topic. If we explore the European culture sex is a very important aspect whether it’s in holy union like marriage or not. On the other hand, South Asian cultures like India put sex on a more conservative & private pedestal and consider it as a sacred duty. 

In fact, Certain cultures and faiths demand a sexual marriage for the relationship to be valid and consummated.

Therefore, what may be considered normal in one culture may be seen as abnormal in another. Nevertheless, a lack of physical closeness may cause irritation and discontent in marriage, irrespective of cultural disparities.

Types Of Sexless Marriages

The frequency of sexual relations between couples might vary. Research indicates that getting sex more than once a week may be crucial for a successful marriage, as those who have it less frequently report feeling dissatisfied with their union. This list includes four types of non-sexual marriages. 

  • Infrequent or nonexistent sexual intimacy 
  • little or nonexistent desire for sex 
  • Poor-quality sexual relations 
  • Different connotations of “sex”

Health Issues In Marriage With No Sex

Now this might be a bit ironic but all the following mentioned things go two ways. That means these factors potentially serve for sexless marriage and can also arise as a consequence of a sexless marriage.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: ED and sexless marriage are the two biggest fears of any man’s life. When a man abstains from sex for a longer period, rare engagement in intimacy may trigger erectile dysfunction as a result of nervousness and performance anxiety. However, nowadays ED can easily be fixed by employing the Fildena 100 Mg-like pill.
  • Stress: The above problem further creates a cycle where the lack of sexual activity leads to increased anxiety and stress further exacerbating the issue. 
  • Low Sex Drive: Experiencing erectile dysfunction can also contribute to a decreased sex drive. 
  • Lowered immunity: By raising the amount of specific antibodies, including immunoglobulin A (IgA), which aid in the defense against illnesses, frequent intercourse can strengthen your immune system. Thus, engaging in minimal or no sexual activity may increase your risk of illness, particularly from the flu and colds.

How To Deal With A Sexless Marriage?

A Mythbusting Guide To Sexual Health Misconceptions

A Mythbusting Guide To Sexual Health and Misconceptions

“If your marriage is sexless, what should you do?” and “How to be sexually satisfied in a sexless marriage?”, people often ask such questions. But before that note that, the ideal quantity of sex in a marriage is never defined. Whether you and your spouse are happy and whether you continue to have emotional and physical closeness with each other are often more significant factors. 

Since every union is different, try not to compare yours to others. Even after this, if being in a sexless marriage still bothers you, try the following things;

  • Interact about feelings in deep
  • Nonsexual forms of bonding such as spending quality time
  • Slowly and gradually attempting something different(intimately)
  • putting effort into bettering your happiness, health, and sense of self.
  • If necessary, seek out professional assistance

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