The Winter COVID Surge Is Coming

The winter Covid surge is coming on Christmas

While the whole world is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and healing slowly, some reports have suggested that COVID-19 is back, and it can be more serious during the winter.

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And in some countries, the cases are rising rapidly in different countries. As the temperature is dropping in the Northern Hemisphere, health experts worry that COVID cases this winter may rise. In fact, some have suggested that a third American COVID winter is possible. On the other hand, the emergence is increasing, and new immune-evasive variants have also increased the risk of another surge of infections as well as deaths. Keep reading to know more about this. 

What Are The Reports Saying?

Experts have warned that the USA should stay prepared for a rise in COVID-19 cases this winter. As per the statements given by Ashish Jha, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, the cases of COVID-19 are not increasing in Europe, and the county tends to precede the USA by around 4 to 7 weeks. As the country gets into December and January, it may see an increase in infection.

The extent of such a surge can be based on different factors, such as vaccination rates and the required precautions people take. 

Speaking about Covid Vaccine, the new booster shots target the Omicron variant, and they are widely available. As per the CDC, more than 13 to 16 million people in the USA have received one. But there are more than 200 million adults who have got their first series of vaccinations. While treatments and vaccination are two crucial factors to consider, it is important for people to take booster shots as soon as possible. 

Are New COVID-19 Variants Behind The Increasing Case Numbers?

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Well, probably not yet. As per the experts, the curse increase in new SARS-CoV-2 infections is due to immunity produced by the vaccines or the old infections waning. On the other hand, people are now traveling a lot and gathering indoors more. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, the USA, and more, social dynamics have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Some factors that make other respiratory viruses develop in cooler months can also be a major reason. 

How Serious Will The Third American COVID Winter?

Based on the initial estimates, experts think the possible new winter COVID-19 waves can be similar in size to BA.5 surges. But for now, it is challenging to predict the rate of hospitalizations. It is believed that the development of immunity due to vaccination and previous infection can keep the rate low during the new waves. However, the surge can still lead to an increase in hospitalization as well as death. 

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While a muted and new COVID-19 wave can create strain on hospitals, some other conditions can also put a massive burden on the health systems during the winter. For example, Influenza can make a comeback in the Northern Hemisphere, and this may lead to a situation that experts call a “Twinemic,” a combination of COVID-19 and Influenza. If the condition worsens, then the hospital systems can get stressed. 

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When Should People Get The Booster Shots?

Health experts have suggested that people should get their booster shots before this Halloween. If they get the booster dose before the coming Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Newyear. So, they should get it now. 

Boosters, and other bivalent vaccines, are likely to provide people with some extra protection against emerging variants. But this may not last for a year. One part of these vaccines is based on the new Omicron subvariant. But some studies show these vaccines can stimulate neutralizing antibody production. A second booster dose may be required to produce high levels of antibodies to neutralize Omicron. 

All the studies have concluded that COVID-19 vaccines are effective in eliminating the severe disease. Besides, stress needs to be taken to create more COVID testing labs so that a greater number of tests can be done. The authorities also need to concentrate the booster campaigns on those people who are at a greater risk of developing severe diseases.

Final Words

Some people say COVID will end in 2023. But there are no such studies that can support this statement. Meanwhile, doctors across the world have suggested that people suffering from asthma should be very careful about it, and they should take their asthma pills properly. However, before using Iversun 6, Iverheal 3, and Iverheal 12, they should consult a doctor With proper precaution and vaccination, the risk of COVID winter cases can be reduced. On the other hand, elder people or high-risk people should get a shot more than once a year.

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