Tips To Manage Diabetes During COVID Pandemic

Tips To Manage Diabetes During COVID Pandemic

These past few years were a hell of a ride because of the coronavirus. We experienced grief, love, care, and bonding. But the danger is not past us yet. The pandemic was much harder for people with high blood pressure, Diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Before the situation turns into chaos as earlier, we must take preventive steps for our own safety. Covid cases are surging again in China and the whole world is preparing itself for the hit. However, it is not severe yet but we can’t just neglect it. 

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    • Maintain A Healthy Blood Sugar Level
    • Be Aware Of Your Immunity
    • Take Care Of Your Mental Health
    • Maintain A Good Diet And Stay Hydrated
    • Ask About COVID And Diabetes If You Call The Doctor
    • Keep Yourself Active At Home
    • So, in this particular article, we are gonna talk about COVID and diabetes. The way how diabetic people can stay safe from this deadly virus. But first, it is critical that you Know the symptoms of COVID-19 so that you can get treatment as soon as you discover it. You might hear of the tablets Iverheal 12 and Iversun 6 which are in news lately whether it is suitable for covid or not, so if you find someone suggesting you this med talk to your doctor first.

      Symptoms Of Covid-19

      COVID- 19 people have reported symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Symptoms may emerge 2-14 days after viral contact.

      Symptoms Of COVID-19

      If you experience any of these symptoms immediately get checked up it might be possible that it’s not covid but common flu and fever. So don’t take a chance with your health and life.

      6 Tips To Prevent Covid 19 For Diabetes Patients 

      Here are some tips that can help you face this covid blast if you are a diabetes patient.

      1. Maintain A Healthy Blood Sugar Level

      If you are a diabetic patient it is crucial that you maintain your blood sugar levels as uncontrolled levels can lead to serious health injuries such as kidney disease, heart disease, and vision loss. To check the levels of blood sugar keep a glucometer and CGM handy and make sure that it is working properly to avoid unfortunate situations.

      • Eat at fixed times daily and avoid skipping meals.
      • Reduce your calorie, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt intake.
      • Keep track of everything you eat & drink, and how much you exercise.
      • Replace juice or soda with water.
      • Limit your use of alcoholic beverages.
      • Fruit is a good option for a sweet dessert.

      2. Be Aware Of Your Immunity

      The winter Covid surge is coming on Christmas

      If your immunity is low it won’t be long enough before you are infected by covid. Since diabetes is an autoimmune disease it’s your responsibility to keep your immunity boosted. 

      • Carbohydrates and portion sizes do matter. Add as many fresh vegetables as possible to your daily diet. And always stay hydrated. Adding a pinch or two of turmeric to your diet will reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.
      • Nutrients Have the Potential to Make a Difference. Take nutritious food, say flaxseed oil, anchovies, mackerel, salmon, and tuna for omega-3 fatty acids. This acid has a significant impact on the immune system; they reinforce cell walls, aids macrophages in engulfing pathogens, and contributes to triggering a robust immune response.

      3. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

      Taking care of your physical health isn’t enough cause the body’s mechanism works through the coordination of the mind and the physical form. 

      The Pandemic has worsened the mental health conditions of people owing to self-isolation but people with past mental condition has suffered the most during this pandemic, diabetic people are no exception. So, try these stress-relieving tips.

      • Keep your regularity intact, follow your daily activity pattern at the same time every day such as having meals, exercising, working, studying and etc. apart from these take out some time for the activity you enjoy doing the most. 
      • Reduce your use of social media, which might expose you to rumors and misleading information about covid. Limit your listening, reading, and seeing of other news, but stay current on national and local guidelines. Don’t rely on medications such as Iverheal 6 and Iversun 12 just because you heard it from anyone
      • If you are experiencing negative thoughts recurringly try to Keep yourself busy with things that are both relaxing and enjoyable. Try doing new things, explore those old albums, binge-watch the shows that you were trying to watch for so long, bake cookies for yourself, and breathe the happy air.
      • Concentrate on pleasant ideas. Assist yourself with your moral conscience or spiritual life and establish your priorities and stay away from the things that cause a mental ruckus.

      4. Maintain A Good Diet And Stay Hydrated

      Foods To Boost the Immunity system

      Fill your plate with the right amount of nutrition because you are gonna need it to survive this covid pandemic. If you are a diabetes patient, restrain your urge from filling your plate with unhealthy foods like Sweets such as candy and biscuits, Chips and other salty treats, Soda and juice, processed food, and white rice.  

      5. Ask About COVID And Diabetes If You Call The Doctor

      Stay in constant touch with your doctor and update him about the conditions and track your diabetes sugar level so that they can recommend you any changes in your diet and medications if needed. 

      If you are experiencing any discomfort immediately call your doctor and report the symptoms. Ask for updates about covid and Diabetes in the news.  

      6. Keep Yourself Active At Home

      If you have a long history of diabetes you might be aware of the fact that walking and keeping your body active is the key to enduring this autoimmune disease. Plus staying active will also help you regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

      Don’t panic just follow the recommendations given by your doctor and thoroughly follow the guidelines of WHO.

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