Top Sex Positions With Your Partner

Top Sex Positions With Your Partner

Well, you know how we all like pizza but only when it’s with our favorite toppings. The same is true with sex as well. What we really mean is that you can only enjoy it full-heartedly and feel the rush of euphoria when you are doing your favorite sex positions. Of course, your most-liked positions are your comfort zones but exploring outside of them will give you a euphoric kick.

But for our newbies who are stepping into this world for the first time, understanding these concepts might be a little arduous. That’s why, to simplify their journey, we have broken down the concept of sex positions in an easy-to-understand guide, so they can gradually explore and find their own favorites. So let’s get it going.

Communicating With Your Partner About Sex

Communicating With Your Partner About Sex

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What Do You Mean By Sex Positions?

The many bodily postures that people use during sexual conduct are referred to as “sex positions” or “sexual poses“. In order to increase pleasure, closeness, or freshness during coitus, these postures might use multiple arrangements of body location, movement, and physical touch. 

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You will be shocked to know that there are so many sex positions that you may have never even heard of before. In fact, the variety ranges from simplest to intricate, and each one of them offers different tastes and degrees of intimacy. However, the next question that arises is…..

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Why Should You Learn About Top Sex Positions?

Well, the number of perks it gives is the reason why should you learn couples’ sex positions. These are a few benefits of doing so;

  • Boosted Euphoria: Different postures can cause differing degrees of pleasure by stimulating various body areas. 
  • Wide Range: Experimenting with different postures may spice up sexual encounters and keep them from being boring or repetitive.
  • Communication Helper: Exploring different positions facilitates a space to talk about each other’s needs & wants, Preferences & boundaries.

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  • Physical Sturdiness and Adaptability: Certain sexual positions call for a certain level of stamina, strength, or agility. Holding these roles can motivate people to keep up or develop their level of physical health. 
  • Connection: Exchanging personal experiences with one another, such as experimenting with different sex positions, can strengthen the emotional connection between lovers.

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Sex Positions To Try With Partner 

If outside forces like stress from work are bothering you and dimming the light of your sex life, exploring these sex positions might re-lit the spark of your relationship.

In the end, it can increase bonding and enjoyment in bedroom life by fostering a better awareness of each other’s bodies and wants. So here are some Top sex positions; While exploring these sex positions, check out some evergreen ED pill like Toptada 20mg simultaneously from the Medicscales. 

Riding On Top Sex

This posture promotes nearness and dirty talk between lovers by allowing for mutual gazes and greater intimacy. Additionally, experimenting with a variety of positions may provide pleasure and freshness to the bond, adding flavor to the deed in your bed. 

The Cowgirl

The position somewhat mimics the person sitting on a horse, hence the name ‘cowgirl’. It’s simple, the male partner will be in the supine position (lying on the back) while the female partner will straddle with knees and thighs on the bed. Bend as much as you feel comfortable with and discover your pace. 

Another version, of this is the squatting position. A helpful tip to assist you stay on top is for your lover to bend and pull their knees forward.

Reverse Cowgirl

It’s totally similar to the former mentioned type. The only twist is that you have to face their feet rather than their face. Try leaning back slightly towards your spouse while in this posture. Or for a more daring approach, you could recline fully until your back is comfortably nestled against their chest.

Note: This variant may call for considerable agility, so you might want to warm up beforehand. 

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Chair Sex

You can also call it a prop sex because you have to literally use the chair as a prop. Simply, let your partner sit on a chair and position yourself atop, facing them directly. Sitting in an upright position facilitates closer association and support, which enhances sensuality through kisses, caressing, eye contact, and so on. 

Face-To-Face Sex Standing Up

Just as the name suggests, this posture requires being face-to-face with your lover for sexual interaction. It enables powerful penetration and intense eye contact, which fosters an intense emotional bond between lovers. This position is also an excellent method to spice up your sex life.

Doggy Style

This one is the renowned style in the industry(huh! We meant in the bedroom). The most effective approach for sexual intercourse. This posture helps you to regulate your penile thrusts while compressing the muscles of the pelvic floor, as well as calm and increase blood supply to your phallus. If you persist in holding this posture, your erections will become more intense as time passes. 

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In this position, both lovers lie on their sides, facing in the same direction, with one partner behind the other. This intimate position enables deep penetration and can foster a sense of connection and comfort between couples. It is also ideal for leisurely mornings or evenings when you want to feel connected without exerting a great deal of effort.

Sexual Health: An Important Part Of Successful Relationships

Sexual Health: An Important Part Of Successful Relationship

Sex Positions To Help Men With ED

Even though there are tons of types available to explore, unfortunately, our ED victims can’t try all of them. This leaves them with very limited options to make themselves happy with. 

We understand that not getting hard on can be a great deal breaker. That’s why we explored deeper and further to bring you the best sex positions to add to your list. 

But before you set out on a voyage of coitus cruise, understand a bit about your condition. For instance….

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disorder in which blood does not rush into and remains in sponge-like structures, made up of certain tissues within the penis. This impact is required to achieve a rock-firm erection suitable for sex. 

To put it simply, imagine your penis as an empty water balloon, which requires good sexual stimulation in order to get filled with enough water(i.e, the blood). But being an ED victim, your body creates hurdles to get it filled with enough blood, hence ED. However, you can try pills like Tadarise 40mg or Silagra 100, and manage your condition smoothly.

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Causes Of ED

This condition can be brought on by multiple reasons for instance;

The physiological ones include;

While the psychological one includes;

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues and so on. 

If you want to learn more about Erectile dysfunction symptoms, head to the blog section of Medicscales.

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

There are numerous options and remedies available to fix your broken penile capacity. So get ready to spice up your sex life. Here they are;

Best Sex Positions For ED

If you want the best sexual position tips for ED sufferers, your wait is over. Here are some names;

  • Doggy Style 
  • Reverse cowgirl 
  • Spooning 
  • The cross 
  • Yab-yum aka lotus position(in crossed legs) 

So do not get settled for less with conditions like ED, rather take Tadalista CT 20 and improve your sex life.

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