Traditional Medicine To Be Used In Mexico, More Cuban Physicians

Traditional Medicine To Be Used In Mexico, More Cuban Physician

Two nations came together for the first time for each other’s backup. Mexico has signed an agreement to employ 500 specialized medical practitioners. That way Mexico will be able to fill the country’s critically under-resourced public hospital system with more efficient healthcare practitioners while Cuba will get employment. 

Apart from that, the director general of the Mexican social security institute; Zoe Robledo announced, the country will recruit 753 traditional medicine practitioners. 

Within Traditional medicine practice, healthcare institutes would also hire ‘Curanderos’, unlicensed healers who use Shamanistic approaches to treat diseases. This traditional medicine employs smoke therapies, herbal treatments, traditional massage, eggs, and alcohol to suck disease out of their patients’ bodies.

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It’s only because of Traditional medicines human beings have managed to defeat the hurdles that came in the way of bodily, mental, and spiritual well-being. Says Jorge Alcocer a health secretary of Mexico. 

Midwives and practitioners of traditional chiropractic care will also employ by the healthcare facilities. Although they are not licensed Traditional medicine practitioners but their treatment would be based on ancestral wisdom.

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Cuban Doctors To Practice In Mexico

The goal of the Cuba-Mexico Healthcare Deal is to provide a legislative framework under which both countries may conduct technological, scientific, and academic collaboration activities.

According to the accord, the two nations will cooperate by exchanging professionals who will give services in preventive, and general health care, and telecommuting in health departments. Plus yearly workshops for health workers will organize.

Additionally, the paper states countries will allow getting medications, vaccines, and all sorts of biomedical capital equipment as required and in compliance with the applicable legal processes.

The main focus is going to be the healthcare system this year in Mexico. This is because often Patients’ families are frequently required to travel to hunt for drugs, surgical equipment, and donated blood to make it possible for their loved ones to receive the treatment they require.

So to change the picture of the previously lacking budget of the healthcare system, Mexico has taken some huge steps. And employing Cuban doctors is one of them. 

This traditional medicine practice might change the face of the whole healthcare system of Mexico.

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