Using Onions Has Many Sexual Benefits

Using onions has many sexual benefits

The teary veggie that everyone is afraid to chop is our centerpiece today. Although the vegetable is a taste booster in multiple dishes, it has quite a bad reputation in the vegetable kingdom especially for giving bad breath and teary eyes. This cousin of garlic however has proven benefits for mending flu and the common cold. But recently there have been claims of onions enhancing the sexual life of men. Sounds weird, We know. If you really want to uncover the truth of this paradox, read ahead. 

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Onions?

All the vegetables we use today in regular our lives, once have been anciently used for some or other medicinal purposes. And our rooty friends are no exception here. Onions are a rich pot of vitamins, fibers, and many other minerals. Let’s dig deeper into this;

  • One of the Crucial members of the Vitamin’s lineage i.e., Vitamin C is found abundantly in onions. And what does Vitamin C do? It’s a booster of the immune system. Moreover, they are the possessors of antioxidants to fight off the free radicals and shield innocent cells.
  • The relative of vitamin C i.e., Vitamin B is another abundant nutrient in onions that resides there along with folates. They aid in metabolism improvisation, neuronal activity, and red blood cell synthesis. 
  • Onion quercetin is another anti-inflammatory agent in thor rooty veggies. It might aid in lowering risk factors for heart disease, such as hypertension.

But all these are not centered on sexual health improvements in men, you might ask. Well, we are not finished yet. Keep on reading to know the sexual benefits of onion.  

Onion For Sexual Benefits For Men

Firstly as we stated above, the anti-inflammatory properties of onions aid in regulating hypertension and hence minimize cardiovascular risks. And as we all know, erectile dysfunction or impotence in men is hugely provoked by this condition. So chopping on this teary vegetable might prevent you from crying in the bedroom. 

Furthermore, in lab studies on animal subjects, it was found that nutrients present in onions helped rats achieve orgasmic erection by amplifying RBC production along with smooth flow. 

You might want to avoid this pungy vegetable before you kiss with your partner. But this might want you to eat it anyway; what are you talking about? Well, similar to the above-mentioned study the rooty vegetable is labeled as aphrodisiac. That means consuming onions might intensify your want for sex. 

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Onion For Sexual Benefits For Men

Effect Of Onions On Testosterone

The benefits of onions sexually also include an increase in testosterone production. How can you be so sure(I heard you say)?

Well, it’s not our personal claim but researchers’ assertions. As substantial as 75% of experiments on lab rats showed a hike in testosterone production which ultimately led to augmented sperm motility and production. 

The rats that were given anti-depressants like paroxetine also showed beating results by eliminating all sexual dysfunction. So what do you say now? 

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

If you are hell-bent on treating your limp erections with natural remedies, Onions seems like a nice option. With its quirky taste, the vegetable might bloom your taste buds along with supporting your erections. 

However, this is only possible when you are seldom experiencing limp erections. If your issue is severe mere onion might not work as effectively as proven medical interventions. Often, these men rely on oral supplements like Cenforce 100 mg or Fildena 100 mg. 

How To Get Onions In Your Diet?

There are uncountable ways of incorporating onions into one’s diet. For instance;

  • Make a lit salad dressing by blending onions, its cousin garlic, parsley, and all the other stuff you like. 
  • Add a good layer of raw onions on your burger or even sandwich
  • Of course, how can we forget our fried onion rings? 
  • Or you can make a sour cream & onion dip for your nachos
  • For your appetizer, there is a great option to make the simplest onion soup. 
  • Then there are French onion meatballs, onion tart, onion-chicken pot pie, blooming onion, and many more. The list is a neverending one. 

If all these seem too much you can still get sexual benefits of eating raw onions. If your partner can’t wait up then try Kamagra Gold 100 or Nizagar 100.

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