What Are The Signs of High Testosterone In Women?

What Are The Signs of High Testosterone In Women

If you have been mistaking testosterone for a male hormone and progesterone for a female hormone, you are partially correct and partially incorrect. Wondering how? Although the majority of men’s body is made of testosterone, there are also trace quantities of testosterone present in women’s bodies. But the question is how can these traces rise in women’s bodies. And how to recognize the condition of high testosterone. The concerning part is what if these levels rise drastically, Does it cause any serious harmful effects on health?

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So come along and uncover every possible explanation to the said queries and many more. Let’s get started…

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is usually referred to as a sex hormone, abundantly present in males and a slight amount in females. However, in males, they are synthesized by testicles while ovaries and adrenal glands are responsible for the production in females.

Without these hormones, human beings probably cease to exist as sexual beings because these are the very components responsible for managing sex drive, mood, heart health, bone and muscular growth, and fertility. 

Testosterone: What Is It?

Speaking of normal testosterone levels in women, it’s just as important as estrogen and progesterone. Since these levels are counted in nanograms per deciliter of blood  15–70 ng/dL is considered a normal quantity. But what if the hormone levels exceed the given levels? How to detect the change? 

Common Signs of High Testosterone in Women

To be honest, it’s not so hard to detect the signs as they are a little more obvious. Because high testosterone levels usually and greatly affect physical and emotional changes in women. For instance;

Excess Body Hair:

The medical or scientific term for the condition is ‘Hirsutism’. That means you are experiencing sudden growth of too many facial hairs, back, or chest. It is a possible sign of high testosterone levels. However, it is accompanied by many other signs too. 


The biggest nightmare of any woman is excess falling out of her scalp hair. Another indicator is the reduced density of hair or even developing bald spots just like it happens in men. 

Decreased Breast Size:

This is a little surprising because usually when a female hits puberty the breast size tends to grow. But here it’s the dead opposite when the said hormone is higher than typical amounts the volume or fullness of the breasts may decrease.  

Deepening of The Voice:

Your former voice may gradually and slowly get deeper and heavier, adding a touch of manliness to its tone.

Muscle Mass:

Along with voice, hair, and balding-like symptoms you might even start building muscles like men. Increased testosterone levels give you a muscular and toned appearance. In fact, a study involving athletes as subjects was conducted, in which they were given hormone injections for around three months. Results were quite surprising they showed leaner body mass, longer running distances, and higher hemoglobin levels. 

Low Libido:

There is an inverse relationship between testosterone levels and sex drive. The higher the hormone levels are, the lowest the sex drive tends to be. 

However, one study made the assumption that elevated testosterone could make women more motivated to engage in self-focused sexual behavior (i.e., masturbation) but less motivated to engage in partner-focused behavior.

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Mood Changes:

Mood swings are expected especially aggressive behavior like anger and irritability. According to the study, having high testosterone may make women more sensitive to social risks and make them act defensively. 

Common Causes of High Testosterone In Women

So far till now, there have been three major causes of high testosterone recorded in women;

  • Hirsutism: Hirsutism is when women sprout unwanted hair on their back, face, and chest. It’s a hairy situation that depends on their genes but mostly in this situation, androgen hormones going out of whack. 
  • PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome): This condition is gradually getting common and common these days in women. The primary cause is excessive androgen burst. However, the obvious symptom is uneven or lengthy menstruation duration. 

However, other typical side effects of PCOS include miscarriage, infertility, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and endometrial cancer. 

  • CAH(Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia): Just like PCOS, the condition refers to the excessive production of hormones by adrenal glands. However, symptoms differ a little, for instance, manly traits, infertility, profound acne, and young pubic hair emergence. 
Common Causes of High Testosterone In Women

Treatment Options For High Testosterone

However, worry not ladies, there are multiple treatment options available to stop your body from evolving into a manly man. So here are some common options to treat high testosterone levels;

  • Medications: If you want to stop testosterone from messing with your hair and skin, oral contraceptives can do the trick. But beware, they can also put your ‘baby’ plans on hold. The American Academy of Family Physicians says the best pills are the ones with low doses of norgestimate, gestodene, or desogestrel. You can’t get them without a doctor’s note, so make an appointment with your GP or gyno and get a testosterone test.  
  • Lifestyle changes: Well, only medication won’t suffice, you have to get in there and make your body sweat through effective workout methods. Whether it’s running on a treadmill, brisk walking on the road with fresh air, or lifting those dumbbells in the gym. Moreover, along with these physical exercises, practicing yoga and mindfulness techniques will surely help your mind and the body. 

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What are the signs of having too much testosterone in women?

Women can suffer from excessive hair and acne as well as an increase in muscle mass and smaller breast size. But, it could also affect women’s general health. Women who suffer from mood swings, as well as the loss of sexual desire. It could also lead to the inability to conceive and weight gain.

What are you feeling when your testosterone levels are high?

In certain instances, high testosterone levels may trigger mood changes such as more aggression or anger. The sexual functions and levels could be observed. For those who have a vulva, elevated testosterone levels could cause irregular menstrual cycles an increase in muscle mass, or an increased glandular clitoris.

What happens when a woman is high testosterone levels?

Women who have exceptionally large levels of testosterone could be prone to virilization – the growth of male physical traits.

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