What Is Levitra and How Long Does It Last?

What Is Levitra and How Long Does It Last

What is Levitra?

If someone hears ‘Impotence’ their mind suddenly goes into panic mode which worsens the condition even more.

So here is some good news for you, if you didn’t know it till now ‘erectile dysfunction or impotence is a very much treatable condition’.

In fact, if you are in the initial stage of impotence it’s even easier to fix with drugs like Levitra.

Yes, you heard it right fixing your ED is as easy as just gulping down a teeny-tiny pill.

Levitra is a fully loaded pill with Vardenafil; a drug just like Sildenafil citrate.

Viagra, Cialis, Or Levitra

This chemical salt is very well known and the first & foremost drug ever used in Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Since Viagra is a brand-name medicine, it is a bit too costly to be afforded by everyone.

Thatswhy, this generic Levitra is revolutionizing the industry with its cheap costs and amazing results.

Levitra, the wonder drug that could revive your love life, was born from a powerful alliance of three pharma giants: Bayer, GSK, and Schering-Plough.

Dose and Usage

This magical drug is currently available in four dosages to make your impotence disappear forever.

Although the dosages are minimal the effects are powerful that it has the potential to even beat Viagra.

However, the doses are prescribed depending on the severity of one’s condition. Go to your doctor and demand them thorough examination of your state so you can use the pill in the most effective manner.

How Does it Work?

Levitra is a potent medication that can help impotent men regain their sexual function. When the penis gets stimulated, it causes the blood vessels to relax and expand.

Levitra is a member of a class of medications that prevents the PDE-5 enzyme from degrading the chemical cGMP. The secret to communicating with the penis to get it hard is this chemical.

levitra vardenafil

Levitra (Vardenafil) Tablets

Starting price: $0.80

Furthermore, many times this medicine is confused with birth control pills but let us make that clear, Levitra is a pill used for repairing male sexual dysfunctionality and not sexual desire.

Additionally, the pill will only kick-start its effects after getting enough stimulation doesn’t matter whether its physical or mental stimulation.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Levitra is a powerful pill that can boost your sexual activity & performance for up to 6 hours. You only need to take it an hour before you plan to have sex, so you can be spontaneous and confident.

Levitra has an edge over Viagra in terms of duration, but it can’t match Cialis, which can keep you going for up to 36 hours.

Side Effects of Levitra

Levitra is a powerful ally in the battle against erectile dysfunction, but it comes with a price. But don’t let these drawbacks scare you away from Levitra.

Side Effects of Levitra

Most men who use it can enjoy its benefits without any major problems. In fact, only a tiny fraction of men who participated in an FDA study – a mere 3.4 percent – gave up on Levitra because of its side effects.

  • Headaches & migraines
  • Flushed skin and face
  • Stuffed nostrils
  • Dyspepsia
  • Nausea
  • Vertigo
  • Vision distortion
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Priapism & sudden hearing loss(in rare circumstances)

How Do I Buy Levitra?

If you are seeking ways to buy Levitra, you have two choices you can either buy it from your nearest physical drugstore or opt for the most convenient choice i.e., online shopping.

You can easily place orders on these e-drugstores and get them ordered at your desired place. No matter where you are sitting in the entire world you can avail of Levitra through a later option.

FDA-Approved Products For Male Enhancement

Conclusion To conclude the entire article, Levitra is one of the top choices among other ED treatments.

If you are looking for an extraordinary sexual experience Levitra can deliver you the best results. But treating ED is not easy as it seems, there are so many safety concerns you have to thoroughly look out for.

Following your doctor’s guidelines at every step is very essential. As long as you have gone through a detailed diagnosis and the right medication everything will be just fine.

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