What You Can Do After You Arrive To Stay Hard?

What You Can Do After You Arrive To Stay Hard

Usually, it goes like ‘The journey ends with the destination’. Apparently, that’s not the case with the sexual journey. It’s a realm that knows no bounds. As long as you can keep going and maintain arousal, there is a whole new world to explore. However, many people don’t know the way to embark on this journey. They often ponder, “What can be done after arriving to stay hard?” And many people believe that keeping going after having an orgasm is almost impossible. But that’s not completely true. 

So let’s change this conventional notion of people and learn to sustain the flame of intimacy along with revealing the secrets to prolonging pleasure and embracing the afterglow.  

Can You Stay Hard After Having An Orgasm?

Before we move on to reveal the answer to this question we need to break a historic myth. That many people don’t know about. So, it is people often use the terms ‘Orgasm’ and ‘ejaculation’ interchangeably, assuming they are the same thing. These are really two distinct biological occurrences, but people often experience them simultaneously or nearly so.

  • After attaining an intimate climax, one experiences the sensation of extreme pleasure known as an orgasm. Meanwhile…
  • The act of physically expelling the male reproductive fluid from the penile rod is known as ejaculation. 

Now coming back to our original question, yes it is possible to stay hard even after achieving the euphoric orgasm. In fact, medical terms name this phenomenon ‘Semen Retention.’ However, this method takes deliberate practice and might be challenging to learn. In the initial phase, pills like Fildena 100 or Super Kamagra might help ease the process. However, make sure to consult an expert first. 

Ejaculation: What Happens Next?

Basically, when ejaculation occurs the entire process of attaining an erection back-pedals. Firstly, respiration and heart rate start to return to average. All the muscles in the body start to loosen up and become less tense. 

During the initial phase of sensual stimulation, neurons in the brain command penile tissue to make enough space for blood flow, allowing the penis to stay hard. After ejaculation, the process reverses, and the penile tissue sucks up all the blood to its original place, leaving the penis as a ‘lifeless’ being. 

The “refractory period/phase” in official terminology designates this phase following ejaculation. While the body’s reaction is well understood, there is still much remains to be understood regarding the refractory phase.

However, till now scientists have come to the conclusion that aging does affect how long this refractory period is. In the case of the younger men, the period usually lasts somewhere between 15-20 minutes. However, the same period might range from several hours to even days in elderly men. 

The Best Way To Keep Going After You Arrive

One of the many ways (which we will discuss later) to stay hard or shorten the refractory phase is to focus on other forms of intimacy and pleasure. Don’t rely solely on physical stimulation. This helps maintain a strong emotional connection, and good sexual health and leads to a more satisfying sexual experience. Additionally, exploring different techniques and communicating with a partner can aid in prolonging arousal and delay the onset of the refractory period.  

So hereby we have bundled up some pro tips to stay hard even after the discharge of ‘feel-good’ hormones. 

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Tips For Staying Hard After Coming

on more intimate and pleasurable activities that don’t just depend on physical stimulation, particularly with regards to the issues… You are undoubtedly more interested in looking at the answers because you are currently dealing with it and wondering how to remain strong when you arrive.

Purchasing Super P Force performance-enhancing tablets is one of the greatest options available. Yes, you may now increase your sexual vitality by taking easily accessible medications like Cenforce 150 pills. By using such medications, you’ll be able to have sex with your partner for a longer time. 

  • Don’t Give Up After Cumming

Keep Trying After Cumming: There are still methods to have closeness and ecstasy after ejaculation. Maintaining the connection and enjoyment between partners can be facilitated by participating in non-penetrative sexual actions. For instance, kissing and cuddling. Furthermore, seeking new gratification opportunities and maintaining the spark in relationships can result from honest conversations about dreams and desires. Who knows these simple things might help you shorten the refractory period. 

  • Maintain A Constant Stimulation Of The Penis

Don’t let the penis drop once you have ejaculated. Rather, continue to stimulate the penis by applying physical pressure to the delicate areas of the penile skin or the penile balls. To make things harder after coming, you can even go so far as to purchase those euphoric sex toys.

If you want to buy those mentioned pills along with other potent ones like Super Tadapox 100mg, go over the official site of medicscales. Don’t forget to explore the world of other sexual enhancement products. 

  • Continue masturbating and viewing porn

Continue masturbating for however long as it takes to achieve a firm penis despite ejaculation. To maintain the want or mood for sex, you might also indulge in pornographic media. There is a scientific argument that when you cum, the bodily system produces prolactin hormones. This hormone provides emotions of fulfillment and causes your penis to become smaller and softer. To prevent mental satisfaction and find a way to stay tough after you arrive, keep viewing porn or sexually touching your lover.

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