When Do Men Stop Ejaculating On Average?

When Do Men Stop Ejaculating On Average?

Sex is a very important and most beautiful part of every human being’s life. It’s a linking bridge to reach the ultimate goal of intimacy with your partner. It makes you feel heard and seen, boosts self-confidence, and creates an emotional bond with that person. In fact, sex is a very integrated part of our lives, it’s a path to self-discovery and a road map to connect with the universe in a deep and meaningful way. If this very aspect of life gets broken, it can leave a huge strain on physical and mental health. But the real question is, is our sex lives immortal? The answer is no, everything in this universe comes with an expiry date and so does sex. So today’s article focuses on the exact same matter i.e, do men ever stop ejaculating, if yes then at what age? And also when does sexual intercourse cease?

If you have landed on this article it implies that you are a victim of sexual dysfunction as well, but there is nothing to be ashamed of it. In fact, these issues are moving in an upward trend nowadays and so does the awareness among people. So visit Medicscales now and find the ultimate solutions like Suhagra Force 50mg, Tadapox, and many more for your sexual dysfunctions. 

What Is Ejaculation?

An ejaculation is an act or part of sexual intercourse that occurs in both men as well as women. While having coitus when men and women reach the peak of their orgasm, it comes out of their private organs i.e., erect penis in men and vagina in women. That’s why the phenomenon is also referred to as cuming. 

The cum or ejaculated substance is sticky and semi-liquid like white content which we all know as semen. The very product is responsible for keeping the reproduction cycle going. 

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But what’s the meaning of that semi-liquid stuff and how does it work? And what significance it holds in men’s sex lives. Let’s understand in detail.

How Does Ejaculation Work in Men?

First of all, the entire ejaculation process is divided into two processes. We will get to it later, let’s understand how the basic ejaculation functions first.  

Although ejaculation begins with an erect penis, the nervous system actually controls the process. This is controlled by the spinal cord’s and reproductive system’s attached nerves. These spinal cord neurons drive semen from the head of the erect penis when a certain level of stimulation is attained. 

The two stages of ejaculation;

  • Emission stage: Firstly the sperm located in the epididymis are shifted through a tube-like structure to the opening of the urethra. But it’s not an easy process as sperms do not have it’s own mobility they are accompanied by seminal plasma and oxygen to reach the urethra. 
  • Expulsion stage: once the sperms leave the epididymis, the muscles called ductus deferens begin to shrink to push and keep the semen from getting back. From there, a muscle called bulbocavernosus starts working to expel the semen from the urethra. 

Do Men Stop Ejaculating Ever?

To be honest, there is no definite answer to the question, as a number of factors influence the ejaculation phenomenon. For instance, age, medical conditions, relationship quality, lifestyle choices, and many more. 

The Aging Effect: Changes In Men’s Ejaculations;

Usually, age is the prime reason for men to have lesser ejaculation frequency because as our body ages the muscles involved in the occurrence also start to weaken. Moreover, sperm production and quality also lessen with age, in short, sexual activity and age are the two factors that are very closely related. However, note that it does not entirely stop. 

Why Do Men Stop Ejaculating?

If you are experiencing ejaculation issues, there might be some medical conditions involved. For instance; 

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Anejaculation 
  • Retrograde ejaculation 

Additionally, low libido, hormonal imbalances, and certain medications can also contribute to a decrease in ejaculation frequency. 

However, the upper two can easily be treated with the mere use of pills such as Duralast 30mg and Extra Super Tadarise which these days are popular in use. But you might wonder can I stop it without using pills? Read on…

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation?

If you wish to stop premature ejaculation without intervening with medicinal remedies, the following are some known steps that work well(but might take time);

  • Relaxation methods like meditation, yoga along some pelvic floor exercises. 
  • Exploring different methods to please your partner. 
  • Trying out different sex positions that delay ejaculation
  • Strictly following healthy lifestyle choices that exclude binge drinking, smoking, and drug addiction. 

However, all these will take a substantial amount of time, you can try Super Fildena or Cenforce D to boost the process. 


At what age does a man stop ejaculating? To be exact, there is no age for stopping ejaculation, it’s not an automatic process that you can control. It completely depends upon our health condition as we discussed earlier. Additionally, major health ailments like heart issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, ED, etc. can significantly add to the problem. ED is still a major problem for older men. Do not let your limp penis ruin your sex life, consult a licensed medical practitioner and treat it. 

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