World Diabetes Day 2023 Is On November 14th

World Diabetes Day 2023 Is On November 14th

You will be shocked after knowing that, globally around 422 million individuals are suffering from diabetic conditions, according to the WHO(World Health Organization). The majority of these sufferers belong to either middle-class or lower-class families. Another shocking fact is that diabetes is specifically to blame for 1.5 million fatalities each year.  

Moreover, the cases are not stopping for anyone or anything, they are projected to rise even more in the coming days. If we look at the data of the last few decades, we can see that the projection is true. The cases of this malicious biological condition have been increasing steadily around the world.

In such crucial times, we need to do all the things we can to prevent the further sweep of the condition. This entails pushing for improved access to nutrient-dense food alternatives, a nutritious lifestyle, and frequent exercise. Additionally, as early diagnosis and treatment may greatly enhance outcomes for those who have the condition, it is critical to increase public knowledge of the risk elements and symptoms. World Diabetes Day seems to be the perfect event to bring up this matter and discuss it openly & effectively. 

So let’s get to know more about world diabetes day. 

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What Is World Diabetes Day?

World Diabetes Day is nothing but an annual crusade that concentrates on raising consciousness about the ailment’s triggers(i.e., causes), signs, avoidance, diagnosis, therapy, and oversight of this sugary disease and its side effects.

What Is World Diabetes Day

The brains behind such a great idea were joint efforts of the International Diabetes Federation(IDF) and the World Health Organization(WHO). They jointly launched this campaign in 1991. They aimed the motto at the public to address the increasing health risks associated with this ailment mellitus. This is a condition when the body is unable to regulate the glucose levels (in layman’s terms; sugar) in the system which is the ultimate powerhouse for the body cells and the brain. 

These sugary levels in the system are managed by a hormone secreted by the pancreas i.e., insulin.  

When people suffer from this condition it means two things; either their pancreas isn’t secreting enough insulin or their body cells are not responding properly to the insulin that is being produced. This leads to a buildup of glucose in the bloodstream, which can cause a variety of health problems over time. So blood sugar condition isn’t the only threat here. 

When Is World Diabetes Day?

Is today world diabetes day? Well, is today the 14th of November? If yes, then there you go, it’s World Diabetes Day, if it’s not then it’s not the day. 

But did you guys know why they particularly selected 14th December? Well, the reason for this is that Sir Frederick Banting, who jointly developed insulin in 1922 with Charles Best, was born on this day. What a great idea to celebrate and honor the discovery of insulin by dedicating a day to raising awareness about this ailment. 

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History Of World Diabetes Day

The history of this day has its ups and downs. When the IDF and WHO launched this campaign in 1991 it didn’t get immediate responses, it took time for people and other big world organizations to understand its importance and significance. But slowly and gradually it gained recognition as more and more people got affected by this disease. 

After the United Nations General Assembly passed a motion in 2006 acknowledging the pressing need to tackle the worldwide diabetes issue, World Diabetes Day proclaimed a significant importance. 

Furthermore, the day got its symbol i.e., the blue circle logo in 2007 after the UN incident. Currently, over 160 different nations and over one billion individuals worldwide are reached by this biggest diabetes awareness campaign.

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Theme Of World Diabetes Day 2023

Every year, the IDF i.e., International Diabetes Federation selects a diabetes-related subject and plans several global programs and events. Some of these are;

  • Diabetes and human rights 
  • Diabetes and women 
  • Diabetes and lifestyle 
  • Diabetes and the family 
  • Diabetes and obesity 

This year 2023 the selected theme is ‘Access to Diabetes Care’. By guaranteeing that all individuals have access to high-quality, reasonably priced diabetic treatment, education, and assistance, it prioritizes the prevention of type 2 diabetes and problems associated with diabetes.

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