World Mental Health Day – 10, October 2023

World Mental Health Day - 10, October 2023

Although our lives have become more comfortable day by day, simultaneously our mental health is also deteriorating drastically. Why? Let’s admit we have more facilities now than we had decades back, so what is making our mental health worse? There are multiple reasons for this, the fast-paced and highly demanding nature of the advancing world is taking a huge toll on our lives. 

The short-term materialist satisfaction, social media craze, comparisons, constant need to succeed, meeting expectations of others as well as self, and whatnot; All these may look good to the outside world but our internal world seems falling apart. Additionally, it’s leaving us all with a dark feeling of isolation. That’s why our world leaders have taken the initiative to address these issues. This initiative is globally referred to as World Mental Health Day. Let’s look deep into matters;

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What Is World Mental Health Day?

The number of psychotic health issues, anxiety, chronic depression, etc is constantly moving in an upward trend. This has pushed the need for global awareness and urgent action on mental health improvement. That is when the concept of WMH Day was introduced by the global humanitarian organization i.e., the World Federation for Mental Health(WFMH). 

Every year since 1992, the organization has decided on a particular theme to spread thoughtful words and consciousness about cognitive health. Additionally, many other organizations came to its support by putting efforts into arranging events, welfare programs, campaigns, and so on. Luckily, the grinds are paying off and people are becoming aware of these things. 

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History Of World Mental Health Day

The idea of celebrating such a concept was seeded in the mind of a brilliant and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Richard Hunter who believed public life is inextricably linked to mental health. And there is an urgent need for health counseling for these growing minds. That’s when Dr. Hunter reached out to WFMH to pitch the idea of celebrating Global Mental Health Day. 

When his idea got green signaled, the day was first heralded on 10th October 1992 without any theme though. The tradition of setting the theme for the day was started in 1994 and it’s still progressing. Later the World Organization(WHO) also joined in by offering technical support and communication materials, bringing attention to mental health concerns, and working with international civil society groups and ministries of health.  


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Is Today World Mental Health Day?

Is today the 10th of October? No, then it’s not World Mental Health Day. Then when Is World Mental Health Day 2023? The day falls on October 10th of every year. And this year we are celebrating it on Tuesday i.e, the second week of October month. As we stated earlier, the WFMH picks out a theme every year to commemorate the day, this 2023 year we have a unique concept called “Mental health is a universal human right”. 

If you ponder upon it, this theme seems to chose very carefully. Because just like our basic human rights; such as the right to life, liberty, and freedom of expression, the need for basic mental health’s care facilities is equally crucial. No matter where you come from, what caste & creed you belong to, what color, sex, & age you are, mental health care facilities should be accessible to everyone free from discrimination. 

So it’s a request from medicscales to every person out there who is struggling with one or many kinds of mental issues to reach out for help. And encourage your near and dear ones to do the same. Because it’s a matter of more than just individual well-being – it’s about creating a society that values and prioritizes the right things. 

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