World Sexual Health Day – September 4

World Sexual Health Day – September 4

In the last decade, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, female sexual dysfunctions, sexually transmitted diseases, and many more, have risen substantially globally and mostly in the United States. That’s why in such a crucial time, the urgent need for awareness of such matters has risen drastically. So what are the ways to achieve this, you might wonder. The answer is right around the corner, World Sexual Health Day!! Let’s discuss more about this day further in the blog post.

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What Is World Sexual Health Day?

The concept of celebrating such a day was set up by the World Association for Sexual Health in 2010. Setting up this day aims to advocate for every individual’s right to good sexual health and well-being.

Each year, a new facet of sexuality and wellness is highlighted by the World on this Day. The objective of the Day is to increase understanding, lessen stereotypes, and enhance accessibility to vital sexual wellness services.

It encourages individuals to discuss sex and sexuality in a good and considerate manner and to recognize and defend the sexual rights of everyone, regardless of the pronouns they identify with.

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What Day Is World Sexual Health Day?

During this time of the year, world sexual health day is celebrated on the 4th of September. As we discussed earlier, the day aims to raise awareness about the importance of sexual well-being among individuals regardless of their sexuality.

In fact, the organizations decided upon unique themes each year to cultivate a positive attitude in people. For instance, in 2021, it was TURN IT ON (sexual health in a Digital World), in 2020 sexual pleasure in Time of COVID-19, in 2019 sexuality education for All: A Bridge to sexual fitness, and so on. 

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World Sexual Health Day History

The mind behind this idea was Rosemary Coates; president of WASH(World Association for Sexual Health) in 2010. She officially established this day on September 4.

This significant day gathers individuals from all around the globe together to encourage sexual health rights, fairness, and enjoyment. 60 nations have participated so far in a variety of activities to mark the day, including roundtable discussions, conferences, and shows of art. 

A Day In The Life Of A Sexual Health Nurse

The life of a sexual health nurse is like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs of emotional challenges. They have to bravely face the sorrows of people while providing the support and care they need. However, they are the first ones to witness your journey of healing.

They are the backbone and support system of the health care department. From conducting screenings and providing education to offering counseling and treatment, they play a very crucial role in promoting overall well-being and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections. So let’s not forget to thank them on this world sexual day 2023. 

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How To Observe Sexual Health Day?

It’s totally up to you how you opt to celebrate this special day. It’s all about your goals, interests, preferences, etc. There are plenty of ways to observe national sexual health day. However, we have dug out some popular ones just for you, take a look;

  • Hold up your sit on the couch and read the book or listen to the podcast whatever pleases you. Don’t just limit that information to yourself, educate people around you. 
  • Start a thoughtful conversation about this topic in your community. You can join the online community to share your experiences and listen to others. Just go and break the stereotypes for our upcoming generation. 
  • If you are a victim of sexual health dysfunction, don’t be embarrassed to seek the much-needed help. 
  • Appropriately and respectfully, embrace your sexuality with joy and pleasure. 
  • Promote your own as well as others’ sexual well-being and rights. You may spread the word and instruct others on the value of sexual health and well-being. You may also back or join initiatives or groups that work to uphold everyone’s rights, including their sexuality.

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Why is sexual health important?

Sexual health is an important part of physical and mental health. It is a key part of our identity as human beings, with the fundamental human rights to privacy, a family life, and living free from discrimination.

Is September National sexual health Month?

Sexual Health Month celebrated each September, is a good time to assess our level of health and to clear up any gaps in our knowledge. 

What is September health awareness?

In September, we’re bringing awareness of healthy aging, childhood obesity, and recovering from substance abuse including sickle cell, and HIV/AIDS. We’ve gathered some tools to help promote these NHOs for your viewers.

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