Wysolone 10mg (Prednisolone) - 10mg

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What Exactly Is Wysolone 10mg?

Wysolone 10mg is an drug. It’s used to treat various medical conditions like severe allergies, allergic conditions as well as asthma, rheumatic disorders and skin and eye diseases, and nephrotic syndrome. It reduces the immune system and offers the relief needed from swelling.

Wysolone 10mg is best taken along with food to avoid unease in the stomach. It is best to swallow it whole, along with fluids at the identical time(s) every day. Your doctor will determine the dosage and frequency at which you should consume these.

It could fluctuate from time to time by how they’re performing. It is recommended to take this medication frequently to reap the maximum benefits, even if you feel good.

The most frequent negative side effect of this drug is a reduction in bone density and mood swings, weight gain as well as stomach upsets and behavioral changes.

Speak to your doctor when you experience any of these symptoms or persist. If you are taking Wysolone 10mg will cause problems to fight infections. Inform your doctor if notice any signs of infection like sore throat or fever.

Utilisations Of Wysolone 10mg

  • For treating auto-immune and inflammatory conditions like:
    • Allergic reactions (including extreme allergic reactions)
    • Inflammation (affecting the lungs, blood vessels, and asthma as well as kidneys, bowels, and the heart muscles, joints, and muscles such as rheumatoid and eye/nervous system)
    • Skin diseases, infections, or cancers (such as myeloma, leukemia, and lymphoma)
  • To prevent organ rejection after transplantation
  • To increase the levels of steroids when the body isn’t able to produce enough natural steroids by itself.
  • For treating high levels of calcium within the body

Side Effects


  • Infections like tuberculosis
  • The lower levels in certain hormones appear reminiscent of Cushing’s and a slowing of growth in children
  • Low levels of potassium include fast heartbeat, constipation weakness, muscle injuries muscles, spasms, or muscle weakness
  • Signs of high sodium, such as muscle twitching, confusion, seizures or seizures, and coma
  • There are signs of a rise in sugar in urine and blood like more frequent urination, increased thirst, or hunger that is excessive.
  • Osteoporosis (weak and bone fragments that are brittle)
  • Swelling due to fluid accumulation
  • High blood pressure
  • Thinner skin
  • Inadequate wound healing
  • Loss of muscle


  • Disorders of the mind (at very high dosages)
  • Cataracts and Glaucoma (increased eye pressure and the sensation of pain)

How To Use Wysolone 10mg 

Use this medicine according to the amount and for the duration prescribed by your doctor. In an ice-cold glass before taking it. Wysolone 10mg is a tablet that can take without or with food, however, it is best to consume it at a set time.

How Wysolone 10mg Works

  • Wysolone 10mg is a steroid that functions by preventing the production of chemical messengers inside the body, which cause inflammation (redness as well as swelling) as well as allergies.
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