X-Vir 1 mg (Entecavir) - 1mg

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Introduction To X-Vir 1 mg Tablet

This 1mg X-Vir tablet is one of the best discoveries in the field of treating B hepatitis viral infection. The manufacturer of these tablets is Natco Pharma Limited. Its primary ingredient, entecavir, offers the best chemical composition.

It treats Hepatitis B in both adults and kids two years of age and older with efficacy. It should also be taken in conjunction with other antiviral medications or alone, depending upon the diagnosis.   

Because of how powerful the tablet is, quitting it suddenly can result in a serious HBV breakout. Hence, before advising you to stop taking the medication, doctors often check how well your liver is working. Here is further information on X-Vir 1 mg. 

What Exactly Is This Medicine Used For?

There aren’t many uses of X-Vir 1 mg tablet as it is specifically designed to combat the B genotype of Hepatitis viral infection. If you are an adult who has been invaded by the nasty HBV, your doctor’s first preference might be X Vir 1 mg. 

How X-Vir 1 mg Tablet Works?

X VIR 1 mg is a tablet that can stop the hepatitis B virus from spreading its evil army of clones in the bodily system. It has a robust ingredient called Entecavir, which blocks the virus’s DNA-replicating machine. By doing this, X VIR 1 mg reduces the number of enemies in your body and helps you win the war against the infection.

How Do I Consume X 1mg of Vir Tablets?

When using these medications, go by the guidelines prescribed by your physician rather than making your own. For example, take the medication at least two hours before eating. 

Sip a lot of water along with the tablet.

You should sincerely execute your medic’s instructions on the right dose (X-Vir 1 mg or X-Vir 0.5 mg) and duration of treatment since they are based on your age, body weight, and condition of sickness. 

Benefits of X-Vir 1 mg Tablet 

X Vir 1 mg is a popular medication in the family of antivirals. And this popularity serves the HBV sufferers in many ways. Although it’s not a direct cure for the illness, it eases the symptoms of virus infection in the most effective manner.

It might not kill the virus straightaway but it creates significant obstacles in the way of the virus’s replication and spread. By preventing more harm to the liver from the Hepatitis B Virus, the X Vir 1 mg tablet can boost the liver’s function in every way.

Interaction of X-Vir 1 mg

When X Vir is paired with one or more of the subsequent medications, its combined effects may change and result in certain unwanted side effects.

  • Acivir 
  • Acylin 
  • Viromax 
  • Cloviral 
  • Logivir 
  • Metformin 
  • Aminoglycoside 
  • Ibuprofen 

Safety Advices X-Vir 1 mg Tablet 

Safety advice is nothing but a certain set of practices or you can consider them as warnings and precautions that need to take care of along the routine of X Vir treatment. 

  • The impact of alcohol on the efficacy of the drug is still a matter of scientific debate. However, we urge you to stay clear of the booze consumption no matter what. 
  • It might not be safe to take X Vir 1mg Tablet while bearing a child. Studies on humans are few, however, research on animals has demonstrated negative effects on the growing fetus. Kindly speak about your condition to your medic. 
  • The same caution goes for breastfeeding mothers as there is a possibility that the drug may sneak into breast milk and harm the nursing infant.
  • You may have blurred or drowsy vision, decreased alertness, or vertigo after taking a pill. So avoid driving or any risky activity in such cases. 
  • Extra caution needs to exercise in case of ongoing or past renal or liver issues. 


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